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Theresa P.

Good service and great results. I hired these attorneys to represent me with the IRS and I am very pleased with the results. I still have to pay on the back taxes but it was a lot less than I had thought possible. They also managed to get rid of the mirrored account that the IRS could not seem to find but kept charging me for and they are setting up a reasonable payment plan for me. They stopped the garnishments and gave me some peace after 6 years of garnishments, collections and grief that was caused by tax debt. I am disabled and could not jump through the hoops to take care of this myself and I am very pleased with the honest and hardworking staff of this company. Thank you Tax Group Center for all that you did to make this nightmare go away!

Patrick L.

Thank you for your excellent service! For many years I have been very stressful about the taxes I owed to the IRS. I thought if I did not pay a few thousand dollars I owed back in 2005, that the IRS would just ignore me. How wrong I was. Three years ago, I got a letter from the IRS and they told me that I owe the IRS over $7000. My jaw just dropped. I was unemployed and had only a $1,500 left from my savings. I tried to file for Offer in Compromise on my own, but I got a rejection back from the IRS and more penalties were added to the huge amount I already owed. So, I finally decided to get the UTC/Tax Group Center to help me. It was the best decision I ever made in my life. I could not be more happier with the results I received from the Tax Group Center. My case was more difficult than most cases, but the wonderful staff at The Tax Group Center stood by my side for over a year and got the IRS to reduce the amount I owed down to only 25%. The best thing was…I only had to pay the initial fee and nothing more for all the time they had to work on my case. Because of their dedication and hard work, I now have a chance to start fresh and to get my life together. Thank you Sheena and all her professional colleagues at The Tax Group Center. I would recommend this company to anyone at a heartbeat.

Pearlie M.

Wonderful company. The people at Tax Group Center and Rachelle my representative were great to work with. They answered all my questions and took care of my IRS debt which was well over $14,000 and settled it for under $100. I cannot say enough great things about this company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Michael N.

So glad I found you. To whom it may concern: I was buried in tax debt for three years. A tax lean was placed on my house, I could not take it anymore. I saw the Tax Group on TV and decided to call. That call changed all my problems into none. All I had to do was to let them act on my behalf and they did what I thought was not possible. I now have no tax debt my house has no lean on it and I feel free. I have and will tell all my friends and co-workers. I totally recommend the Tax Group to any and everyone. You will not be disappointed. I owed the IRS over$13,000 and with the help of the Tax Group I only had to pay $80.00 Thank You, Michael K. Nicholson

Carl B.

Great Results. I am extremely pleased with the service and the results I received using the Tax Group Center. Because of the dedication of Ani my representative, and the others at the Tax Group Center, my debt and problems with the IRS were resolved timely and to my satisfaction. I would very highly recommend this company to anyone having tax problems with the IRS. Thanks for all your help!!! CMB.

Jeremy W.

The Tax Group. I went to the Tax Group in order to finish my tax problem I had a few different people try to complete my issues with the IRS but really all they did was push paper around and keep my guessing on my next move. The Tax Group really went to work straightaway and got ne a deal I could afford and made the whole thing a understandable process that I could live with . Long story short I was very happy with everything that they did and would use them again .( never want to owe again )I rate them 5* . J.Tax payer

John L.

Tax Group Center. Tax Group Center did exactly what they said they would do. I was under extreme stress from the threats and harassment by the IRS over taxes they said I owed. I did not feel that I owed the IRS anything as they had already levied my social security for over 100$ per month out of a total check of less than 700$ a month. I am over seventy five years old and had paid taxes all my life until I retired and when I went on Social Security thought that I did not receive enough of an income to owe any tax. Tax Group center was able to get the IRS to quit harassing me and to eventually settle for considerably less than what they were trying to get. It took some time but Tax Group Center was able to relieve my stress and to get back some sense of normalcy in my life. I hope never to have another encounter with the IRS but if I should, I know who to turn to.

Kimball D.

Great Job Tax Group. Hi my name is Kimball Davis I was behind in my taxes and I called the Tax Group for help. These are some of the greatest people that you will ever meet nice and willing to help with everything. I would send anyone that needs help to them. Thank you very much.

Randall B.

Back taxes. I owed $27000. in back taxes due to loss of job and cancer, Ms. Ani Labayan and the tax group were awesome. They were able to get it down to $1000 which removed the lean from my house. I have recommended them to a friend and will again. Thanks again tax team, Randy

Michael P.

Tax Group Center. I employed the TAX Group to help me overcome a horrific debt. I would not have overcome this debt, in a lifetime, if not for the efforts of this group of people. I struggled through the process with fears of a poor outcome. They gave me the necessary reassurance and always treated me with respect. I want to thank Ani again for helping turn my life around. Your efforts have saved me from many years of painful worry. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. MIchael.

Steven H.

Satisfied Customer. I was very pleased with the Tax Group Center. They did not stop at just a payment arrangement but to reduce my tax debt down to 5% of the original debt. I was very pleased with Ms. Ani Labayan, an erolled agent. Her diligence and hard work made it possible. I would gladly without hesitation recommend this service to others. Thank you tax group center for all you have done. Thumbs up to all of you there at tax group center sincerely, Steven Holliday.

Laura F.

You don’t have to fight the IRS alone! Last year my boyfriend had been out of work for months. I am disabled, battling government for Social Security Disability. We were behind in bills with disconnection notices. We were about to lose our home. Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse… IRS sent my boyfriend notice they plan on putting him in jail for tax evasion. We were in big trouble and needed help desperately! After many prayers, searching the yellow pages, and checking online we found The Tax Group Center. They answered all our questions and treated us with respect. The Tax Group helped file income tax forms, keeping my boyfriend out of jail. (PEOPLE: Stay out of jail… File!!!!! Even if you don’t have the money yet!) Not only did The Tax Group handle the filings they took over the daunting dealings with the IRS. After several months of negotiations a deal was struck. My boyfriend only had to pay $100 of the over $20,000 the IRS had originally demanded. Thanks to the team at The Tax Group Center! We are grateful for Mike, Ani, and Rich. Even though we were strangers hundreds of miles away they treated us like friendly neighbors. The Tax Group exceed our expectations in every way! We highly recommend them!!!

Terry G.

Could not be more satisfied. Thanks. Tax Group Center was extremely professional and patient wit me through the entire process. From the initial call to the final arrangement with the IRS. Dealing with taxes can be a daunting and scary task. They made it easy to understand and put my mind at ease. Thank you Tax Group Center. Their final solution did exceed my expectations and I do plan to use the Tax Group Center for all my future tax issues and would also recommend the Tax Group Center to anyone or any business who may be facing tax problems large or small.

Joseph J.

Tax Group Center did an awesome job! I contacted the Tax Group Center and they went out of their way to insure that my IRS liability was handled. They dealt with the IRS and I did not have to personally do so. Iani went out of her way to insure that I receive the best results possible, her communication with me was excellent! Rich was such a great communicator and help! Thank you Tax Group Center!

Richard S.

This company is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!! This business really helped me out! Ani and Jake made my life 100% better! They were quick and sufficient in this matter! They deserve an a rating!!!!!

Ben R.

Life Savers. I cannot put into words properly how thankful we are. They spent over an hour with us during our consultation. We were so impressed that my wife and I decided to sign immediately. They had our wage garnishments resolved and stop with days of calling!! And, once everything was done the Tax Group Center was able to reduce our liability tremendously. Awesome and caring people!!!

Kenneth T.

I.R.S. Approval. This brief note is to thank Tax Group for the great help that was extended to me and my family to bring the I.R.S.Taxes to a close Stacey Brandon was the driving force to get a quick decision from the I.R.S. Thanks again to all involved. Kenneth Thomas

Calvin C.

GREAT JOB!!! Tax Group was able to release my wage garnishment,within days, This is a GREAT company,If You have any tax issues , Please give this company a call!!!!!

William D.

ANI LABAYAN AND THE TAX GROUP ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! Thank the tax group for the great professional job of solving the problems I had with the IRS taxes ! I want to thank especially ANI LABAYAN for always returning my calls and handling everything with personal and professional care I CANT SAY IT ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ! REGARDS BILL

David M.

Awsome People The Best!!! Excellent service and follow through. Very thoughtful staff and they will keep you updated with what is going on, and any situations that come up were handled immediatley. They were able to do what I thought could never be done. Thank you Tax Group

Tony R.

Excellent Service, Great Tax Firm. I wanted to thank all the staff at Tax Group Center. They stopped my levy and reduced my taxes. I am so thrilled to have hired this firm. I want to make a separate thank you to my representative Jonathan Budge. Without his help and experience I don’t think it would of happened. If you call them ask for Jonathan Budge, he is the one I would recommend. Anyways great Firm, Good Price and Saved me Alot of Money.. Thank You Again!

Brian B.

Service review. I had outstanding service from this company,and have already referred them to friends and family. My personal attorney handling my case was Ani Labayan,and she was outstanding! Overall,this company more then met my hopes for a resolution to my issues,and i give them my heartfelt thanks for all they did for me. Brian R. Byers

Danielle H.

IRS PROBLEMS CONTACT TAX GROUP CENTER!!!! A BIG KUDDOS to Rich B. and team especially Ms.Makenzie for stopping my husband wage garnishment. I knew this issue should have been resolved a loooong time ago; however, your team made it possible for us within hours. I feel we owe you guys much more than an awesome review. My family resides in Dallas, Texas and through modern technology TAX GROUP were able to processed our IRS inquiries expeditiously. From the bottom of our hearts with sincere gratefulness THANK YOU TEAM, my family and I resting a little bit better at night!!!! Thanks, TAX GROUP FAMILY!!! FROM THE HICKS-HAZLEY FAMILY

Gerald H.

Review of Rich. I received a phone call from my HR department on a Friday stating for me to call them. I called them back Friday afternoon and Tina Jackson of the HR department informed me of what the irs had sent her regarding garnishing my wages starting that next week. I hit the panic button i got on the phone called the tax group and got connected to Rich B. I told him my situation he then faxed me some paperwork that Friday evening and i faxed my paperwork back to him. I was so stressed that weekend because i didnt want my wages garnished. I was in communication with Rich the whole time and he always answered my calls. In the end Rich assured me that everything would work out with my job getting the release form from the irs so my wages would not be garnished. Well Rich was a man of his word everything worked out perfect i can sleep peacefully at night and thank God i was not garnished. Rich worked very very hard in a span of 3 days to get this release done and once again im very gratefull. Thank you so very much.

Darcy K.

Definitely a FIVE STAR company!!! I cannot say enough for, or praise the Tax Group Center enough for all the dedication, customer service and general help they gave me. I was in deep – over 5 years worth of tax debt, both state and IRS. They got a levy which froze my bank account lifted. They went to bat for me with the IRS and successfully negotiated an “offer in compromise” which completely removed the liens against me for a very reasonable payment. I am no longer in debt to the IRS and know for sure it was all because of the TAX GROUP! It’s first rate work – customer oriented service. I felt they really heard me and worked diligently to get my accounts in order. It was definitely worth it! I very much suggest that if you want to win – you choose TAX GROUP CENTER… I give them a five out of five star rating and am very grateful for the help.

Angie U.

From Over $900K to ONLY $100! Who Can Beat That? Ok, when the economy hits hard, then you get slapped with a tax bill of almost One million dollars of money you couldn’t possibly owe or couldn’t pay even if you owed it….You fight in courts and everyone – the judge and the IRS counsel inclusive, tell you they “know” you couldn’t possibly owe the amount but that is not what you’re in court for… then you know you’re “done for”…in seriously big trouble and there’s nowhere to turn that will not cost you even more funds that you don’t have! This was my story and my fight for about 3 years. I met Tax Group when I was truly down and out… I couldn’t even afford their “very reasonable” fees (compared to many others). Then, just as if the “bad and horrible” had hit the bottom with such force that it had to bounce up with such incredible velocity….The good things started… First they worked with me on payments. Then they started work on my case BEFORE my first scheduled payment! Then they worked with me further on the payments. They communicated often and NEVER stopped working on my behalf. They guided me through the OIC process and quickly as I could handle. Then the BEST…. OIC was accepted for a payment of ONLY $100!!!!! I think I must have cried even more than I ever did! I have heard of people getting pennies on the dollar, I prayed for something much more ridiculous. My result? A perfect example – Who can beat that? Great miracle…. Tax group? A blessing of a company! My prayer & hope is that many others finding themselves in the kind of situation I was in or worse, will find this kind of help. Tax Group rating? – Definitely – 5 STARS!!!!

James C. G.

Did A Great Job. The people at Tax Group were very helpful to me in everyway. If I had a problem all I had to do was call and they would take of it. I would totally recommend them to anyone.

Mark W.

Not What I Expected. I received a call from what I thought was a company that was trying to get $ out of me because of my tax situation like a number of other companies did. I spoke with a Rich who assured me that the Tax Group Center was interested only in giving me my tax IRS rights and letting me know if they would be able to help. I was leary to say the least. But after about 5 minutes I realized this guy was for real. Once he told me there was nothing they could do because I could not afford to pay for help he actually told me what to do and how to do it for myself. I called the IRS myself like Rich suggested and after about an hour was able to get my liability put on hold because of my financial situation. I’ve never heard of a company like the Tax Group Center but can tell this, they really do have your best interest in mind. Thank you Tax Group for employing individuals like you do and for help those of use that really do need help

Billy T.

Honest Company TO DEAL WITH. I recieved a call from Tax Group Center And spoke to a gentelman who gave me an honest assessment of my tax liability.With out trying to get money out of me,I would reccomend this business to anyone with a tax issue.Thanks Tax Group Center and Rich.

Jeanne K.

Great Company. I want to thank Jonathan Budge for all his help so far with our tax case. We are almost finished with it. He has made it very comfortable for both me and my husband. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to be treated fairly and not be misled.

William m.

Great Experience. I had looked into getting some info about taxes that I owe and was approached by a representative, Chris Gummison, he was very helpful and gave me alot of useful suggestions/info……I would definitely refer others to Tax Grp Center…Thanks

Irene Y.

Excellent Service. The people at the Tax Group Center were amazing to work with! They helped me when I was down on my luck and owed the IRS at a reasonable price. Loren and his associate were fantastic to work with and kept me informed throughout the entire time. I have recommended them to family and friends and would recommend them to anyone.

Carol L. B.

IRS Taxes. I am writing this review to let other people know just how professional and caring this company was with the tax problem my son had. The consultant Chris Gummerson, was very helpful and explained things so that my son and I could understand what he was going to do. Shenna Garrett was just as good. I would reccomend this group to anyone who has a Tax issue.

David Lance M.

5 Stars. This company is a 5 Star rated company!!!

Ryan B.

Tax Group Center helped me out of sure starvation. These guys really helped me from starving to death after working with the IRS and the State after I got levied and was not receiving any income . I am an independent Contractor and got behind on my Taxes after the economy plummeted and had my income completely stopped when I got levied . The Tax Group Center with Ann and Rafael on board saved me and got a good settlement with the IRS. I highly recommend them as they worked hard to get me a great settlement.

Joe M.

Outstanding Highly Commendable Service. My review is based on the outstanding service I was provided by the Tax group Center staff and the final results I got with my IRS tax situation. I owed over 20k and with the help from L. Berfield, Kathy Lee and staff I was amazed at what they accomplished for me with the IRS. I highly recommend their services to anyone as they are very professional and keep you informed of what your status is during the whole process.I am very grateful for their assistance, thanking them all.

Jim R.

Hugh tax ball and chain. My name is Jim Reaves, I owe the IRS $50 to$60.000 & the state $7000 when I hire the tax group they went too work right away. With in a year they had my case settle with IRS just $100.00 & state $100.00. I would refer them to anybody that needs relief. I’m very very satisfied with the out come levys all gone and don’t have to keep looking over my shoulders. The ball and chain is gone my attorney name was Stacy Brandon she did a very outstanding job!!! THANK YOU TAX GROUP 5 STARS

John W.

100% satisfied. I would recommend the Tax Group to anyone needing help with past due taxes. They did what they said they would do and another good feature was an easy payment plan that was the best of at least 5 others that I inquired about.

Kirkston R.

In debt with the IRS. Tax Group Center really helped with my problems with the IRS. Real professionals

Susan A.

Review of service received. When first contacted by the Tax Group Center, I was unsure if this was legitimate. I did a “google search” to find out if this was a legitimate offer. I was impressed by the personnel with whom I had contact. Ultimately, Kathy Lee was the attorney who assisted me in the offer of compromise to the IRS. She was successful in obtaining the settlement we had agreed upon and I am so relieved to say my debt is paid and I am now free of this burden. Tax Group Center was professional, courteous and understanding of my situation. I am grateful to have utilized their expertise and to have settled this tax matter in 2012.

Anthony B.

These Guys were Great. The Tax Group Center provided professional and efficient service. They were courteous, listened to my situation and provided several options of how to deal with my particular tax issue. They explained everything in detail and let me know that I would not be on my own while dealing with the IRS. Ani went above and beyond in helping me to receive a settlement offer with the IRS. I will tell any and everyone I know about Tax Group Center. Thanks for all the hard work.

Barbarito C.

My experience with Tax Group Center inc. I was in financial trouble with the IRS a couple of years ago. I owed easily over $10,000 and didn’t know where to turn for help. Then I surfed the web and found Tax Group Center, Inc. It was a lengthy process but it was well worth it because they worked hard to get a serious reduction in my offer of compromise. Now, I won my case and I only owe $1,411 and what a relief it was when they gave me that outstanding news. Definitely go with Tax Group Center for any problems with the IRS. They’ll set out and do the job they say they will.

Howard R.

Great Company. I would like to thank the staff for putting up with my consistent rambling on about the government. Tax Group Center was very helpful and had lots of patience. I save a total of $8475.00. The process did take a long time. (Almost 2 1/2 years)But the was

no fault to Tax Group Center it was the delay from the NY state government. Thanks again to Tax Group Center for all your hard work.

Johnnetta W.

Tax Group Center is Amazing! Tax Group Center did a great job on resolving my debt with the IRS. I owed the IRS over 13,000 dollars and when they completed my case I only owed 1,740.00. The Attorney Stacey Brandon that helped me was very professional and she always kept me up to dateon what was happening with my case. Thank you Stacey and Tax Group Center for helping me become debt free. If you need help, Choose Tax Group Center…

Ralph W.

Thank You Tax Group Center. My name is Ralph Woods and as a courtesy to Tax Group Center, Rachel Green, Shawna Kiesbuy,EA and my Attorney Kathy Lee, ESQ.; I would like to express in this statement my absolute gratitude for diligence, aggressiveness and vigilance to successfully resolve

my tax debt in the amount of $11,059.08 for tax years 2005,2006, also 2008 with the I.R.S. Within three years as of 12/1/2012, my hardship, my OIC, and also my addendum to completion was accepted for only $100.00. Tax Group Center you have my deepest gratitude.

Thank you again.

Trini A.

Great Company!! I would like to start by sending a big thank you to Ms. Ani Labayan for all the hard work she put in to get me great results on my case. I was struggling to figure out how I was ever going to handle the debt I had with the IRS. I contacted a lot of companies,

and luckily I found Tax Group Center. I owed the IRS over $33,000 dollars. Today I am completely debt free with the IRS. Ani was able to get me an offer and compromise which I only had to pay $100. Tax Group saved me a total of $33,710 dollars. If you are

looking to hire someone for help I would stop looking and hire Tax Group Center.

Judy A.

Thank you!!My case took a while but well worth the wait. I saved over $13,000 dollars. Tax Group Center was very helpful and accommodating.Thank you Tax Group Center…

Teri N.

Nothing short of a Miracle and that’s the truth. If you expect to get in the game with the IRS and US Government and you think you’re going to play alone….you’re sadly mistaken. These people play hardball and you don’t have a prayer without proper representation…..I am extremely happy that I was introduced to Tax Group Center and Ms Ani Layaban!!! There was no B.S. with them and they explained the whole program without any sugar-coated promises. Rich was also an extremely professional gentleman who took the extra time in helping me to be able write this review as I am not very good on computers. He also showed me that Tax Group continues to care for their clients even after everthing was done. Thank you Tax Group for everything. I will tell family and friends about your company.

Scot D.

The Tax Group Center did an amazing job handling my tax situation. With the knowledge and experience of Ani, Jennifer, and every dedicated professional on the tax group team, they make up an outstanding organization which produces results. As you are reading this review and searching for a trusted tax advisor, pick up the phone and allow this tax group the opportunity to utilize their tax expertise. The only regret you will have is that you did not contact them sooner. I highly recommended their phenomenal tax service to anybody in need.

Debra S.

Thank You. This FIRM has done a wonderful job for myself and husband. We have referred several family members as well as friends. This firm is a life saver to us. Thank you so much. I give this firm 5 stars.

Mercia K.

Thank you Tax Group. There are no words that could possibly do justice to convey the way that I have been treated by the professionals who run and work for Tax Group Center. I know that they have many clients, but they treat me as if I am their only one. This just doesn’t happen anymore, anyplace. It is refreshing to be treated with respect and courtesy by people who really care about doing a good job for their clients. Kathy worked tirelessly to get me the results I could have only wished for. They are a top notch company.