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Have you ever lost sleep over taxes? You’re certainly not alone! The federal tax structure is complicated, and its constant changes, updates, and nuances can create a confusing picture for anyone who doesn’t handle taxes on a daily basis. The idea of spending hours stressing over getting your taxes completed without really knowing that you’ve handled everything correctly doesn’t sit well with many people. That’s why so many people turn to professional tax preparation services. Professional income tax preparation makes sense once you stop to consider all that’s on the line!

The Benefits of Using a Certified Tax Preparer

You stand to gain peace of mind, robust deductions, and much more free time if you turn your taxes over to a certified tax preparer. One common assumption is that it’s actually safer to do your own taxes as an “amateur” tax preparer because you won’t be held responsible for mistakes that you unintentionally make. This is incorrect – you will certainly be liable for any errors that are present on your tax return, even if you made your best effort to provide accurate information. Keep in mind that the IRS uses software to scan all returns and spot signs of error or fraud. Your return could be flagged for an audit if you make a simple math error, handle deductions incorrectly, or enter information that is “marked” by the IRS for being suspicious.

Don’t Skip Tax Preparation!

Fear of not being able to pay your taxes may be tempting you to skip filing this year. This is one of the worst decisions a person can make. You will not avoid tax liability if you simply skip your taxes. The IRS will actually prepare something called a Substitute for Return (SFR) on your behalf if you fail to file. This is a very undesirable position to be in because the IRS will use the standard deduction to essentially give you the “worst deal” possible in terms of your deductions and benefits. You will almost certainly end up owing more than you need to when the IRS calls the shots.

Don’t risk letting the IRS decide what your tax responsibility is for you. A much better option is to utilize the help of a certified tax preparer who can maximize deductions, increase benefits, and help you figure out a way to pay any taxes that are due without getting in the crosshairs of the IRS. The Tax Group Center offers a wide variety of tax relief services to help you straighten out any situation.

Who Can Use a Certified IRS Tax Preparer?

You don’t have to wait until you’re in trouble with the IRS to seek the help tax preparation services. Having your taxes prepared annually can help ensure that you maximize deductions and decrease the likelihood of being audited. Professional tax services are ideal for self-employed people, business owners, and “traditional” taxpayers. Here’s a look at the services that are available through the Tax Group Center:

Tax Preparation Services Include:

Individual Returns:

  • Forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040EZ-T, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, and 1040X
  • Schedules A, B, C, D, E, F, H, J, M, R, and SE

Business Returns

  • Sole proprietorships (1040, Schedule C, Schedule C-EZ, 1040-ES, 941, 943, 944, W-2, W-3, and 940)
  • Partnerships (1065, 941, 943, and 940)
  • Corporations (1120, 1120-W, 8109-B, 941, 943, 940, and 8109-B)
  • S-Corporations (1120S, 1120S Sch. K-1, 1220-W, 941, 943, 940, 8109, 1040, and     1040-ES)
  • LLC
  • Self-employed

It is always wise to be proactive about having your taxes handled professionally each year. However, the need for tax services becomes even greater if you do owe the IRS back taxes. The first step to getting on the right foot will be to file any old returns that are still outstanding. You will be able to move forward from there with filing current returns, seeking payment options for overdue taxes, and seeing what your options are for appeals or forgiveness.

Have Your Taxes Handled Professionally This Year

The Tax Group Center offers both year-round and seasonal tax preparation services for individuals and businesses. We are a full-service tax firm with more than 30 years of experience to our name. We can help you stay on the right side of the IRS because our tax professionals speak the language of the IRS. Never lose sleep over taxes again – call today!

At Tax Group Center, we make it our business to stay current on the latest tax laws, credits, and more. If you need help preparing your tax returns, call Tax Group Center at: (800) 746-1322.