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Which Tax Problems Can a Tax Lawyer Help With?

Tax Attorneys and CPAsWhile we often think of a tax attorney as the person to turn to when tax troubles arise, many people actually use tax lawyers proactively around the year, at the closing of fiscal quarters, or at tax time to avoid problems with the IRS or state taxing authorities. In fact, many individuals and business owners place tax attorneys on their “tax teams” to assist with long-term tax planning. This is an important strategy to avoid getting into hot water if you have complicated taxes. Hiring a dual-certified CPA and tax attorney is one of the best ways to ensure that nothing remains overlooked in your tax strategy.

When tax issues do arise, tax attorneys help you to understand your rights as a taxpayer. Responding quickly to the IRS is often all that’s needed to stop an issue from becoming more complicated and expensive than it needs to be. Having the ability to turn the issue over to your tax attorney can save you from the stress of missing deadlines, not taking advantage of easy relief options, and accruing unnecessary tax fees. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the ways tax attorneys support their clients.

Tax Audits

If you receive a notice of a tax audit, it’s critical that you bring in a tax attorney immediately. It’s possible that you’ll only be subjected to a “desk audit” that wraps up quickly, but you may end up needing a tax audit defense.

IRS Penalties and Interest

If your tax planning hasn’t been pristine, you may have accumulated IRS penalties and interest. Some common causes for IRS penalties include not filing, filing late, not paying, paying late, and underpayment. When working with a tax lawyer, you may be able to get these penalties waived or abated. More importantly, you’ll be able to take action today to “stop the bleeding” in terms of the penalties and fees that are accruing.

Unfiled Returns

Getting up to date with unfiled returns is the key to unlocking IRS forgiveness options. The IRS will only work with taxpayers who are current with their tax returns. 

What many people don’t realize is that it’s still beneficial to file your taxes even if you don’t think you can pay your tax bill. The IRS already knows how much you owe even if you don’t file. If you have unfiled tax returns, working with a tax professional to catch up is the first step to applying for the IRS’s very robust tax debt forgiveness program.

Our Tax Professionals Can Help You With These Solutions

Tax Group Center lawyers and certified CPAs help taxpayers with debt relief every day. In many cases, taxpayers who owe the IRS money can automatically qualify for relief options as long as they have filed their tax returns. 

Many of the tax relief options available to taxpayers were introduced with the IRS Fresh Start initiative in 2011. This program combines things like automatic forgiveness with manageable payment plans to allow taxpayers to get in good standing with the IRS. 

Yes, tax debt negotiation with the IRS is possible if you understand how the programs offered under the Fresh Start Initiative work. In fact, an agreement can often be reached in just a few steps without the need to speak with the IRS in person if you have your tax attorney or CPA take care of the issue on your behalf.

One of the most common options for IRS debt relief is the IRS Installment Agreement, a payment program that allows you to spread your debt payments out over six years. Some taxpayers who are unable to pay what they owe may qualify for the IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) that allows them to agree to pay a lower amount to get their tax burden wiped away.

What Else Can a Tax Attorney/CPA Do for You?

Again, the ideal time to see a tax CPA or lawyer isn’t when you’re already in hot water with the IRS. There is much that can be done to avoid tax issues. What’s more, using tax pros can help you to come up with a smart tax plan that actually lowers your tax burden by enabling you to take advantage of the specific tax perks that are available to you as an individual taxpayer or business owner. This includes things like tax preparation and bookkeeping. 

While some people benefit from year-round services, other people are able to create advantageous, accountable tax plans with just tax-time services. If you have any questions about what you think you might owe, a tax lawyer can use Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to allow you to see your records from the IRS’s point of view.

Get IRS or State Tax Help Wherever You Are

IRS tax help is available in every state! If you owe the IRS money, there’s a good chance that you may also owe funds at the state level. At Tax Group center, we routinely help our clients create strategies that address what they owe at both the state and federal levels.

Common Questions About Tax Attorneys and CPAs

How Much Does a Tax Attorney Cost?

The cost of utilizing a tax attorney is based on the services you’ll need to utilize.

Do I Need a Tax Attorney or a CPA?

If you’ve received a notice that the IRS is auditing you, it’s wise to seek the services of an attorney specializing in tax preparation. A dual-certified attorney and CPA is the best option!

Is Hiring a CPA or Tax Attorney Worth It?

Taking care of the problem today instead of allowing fees and legal troubles to pile up can make a world of difference. CPAs and tax attorneys can help you to get back in good standing with the IRS to be able to access debt relief and forgiveness options through the IRS Fresh Start initiative.

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