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Tax Relief Services

Have you ever faced a tax bill you couldn’t pay? Have you ever made an error on your tax returns or failed to file your taxes for a few years?

If so, then you know how it feels to be up against the Internal Revenue Service.

We have good news: there is no need to panic. There are tax relief solutions and tax resolution services that you can trust, including the professionals here at the Tax Group Center.

Tax Relief Options

If you’re looking to reconcile your tax debt, we’ll help you come up with a customized solution that fits your best interests. Our IRS tax relief specialists will help you avoid calls and meetings with the IRS, as well as penalties from the government. 

To learn more about the professional tax resolution services we offer, keep reading!

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

This agreement helps you settle outstanding tax liabilities. You’ll end up paying less than the amount you owe, and we’ll help you avoid IRS penalties and interest payments.

Penalty Abatement

This service helps remove penalties from your tax debt. We find success by proving your nonpayment wasn’t a result of negligence and providing “reasonable cause” as to why you didn’t pay your taxes when they were due.

Installment Agreement (IA)

An installment agreement is an agreed-upon payment plan between you and the IRS. You’ll pay minimum monthly payments, and the IRS won’t attempt to pursue collection methods against you.

Currently Non-Collectible (CNC)

If you can’t afford to pay your tax debt, we can help you claim CNC status. This will give you a certain level of protection against IRS penalties and collection efforts.

Tax Audit Appeals

No one enjoys getting audited. If you feel your audit is incorrect or inappropriate, we can help you dispute it. In many cases, this will help you avoid a lengthy audit.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If you can prove that you weren’t aware of an error or understatement on a joint tax return, then you might qualify for innocent spouse relief.

IRS Fresh Start Program

The IRS Fresh Start Program encompasses all the above tax debt relief options. It’s designed to help taxpayers get out of debt, even if they need to pay it off over time. The program was launched in 2011, and it’s mutually beneficial for both parties. The IRS gets more money overall, and taxpayers aren’t subject to serious penalties like jail time.

What Is Tax Relief and How Does it Work?

Tax relief services help you find solutions to your tax problems. Whether you owe a hefty sum to the IRS or you were recently hit with a penalty, tax relief services can help.

What Are the Most Common Issues People Need Tax Relief Services For?

The most common reasons people look for tax relief services include:

Who Qualifies for Tax Relief?

Anyone who owes unpaid taxes can potentially qualify for tax relief. To learn more about your options, you’ll need to discuss your specific situation with a tax professional.

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