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San Francisco Tax Attorney and CPA

For any individual or business living or operating in San Francisco, understanding and managing both state and federal tax obligations can be a significant challenge. Staying in compliance with tax laws is important for avoiding hefty fines and penalties. This is why working with a dedicated tax lawyer in San Francisco is crucial. At Tax Group Center, we offer representation and tax preparation for all facets of personal and business taxes.

IRS Audit Representation

If you need a tax attorney in San Francisco to assist with an audit, Tax Group Center’s team of lawyers, accountants, and tax professionals can assemble on your behalf to offer strategic, comprehensive representative backed by 30 years of experience. We help individuals and businesses resolve IRS audit issues every day using the tools and resources available from the IRS. When you bring us in, we’ll work on your behalf using the IRS’s own language to get your situation resolved as quickly as possible.

California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Audit Representation

If you’ve received a Notice of Proposed Assessment letter from the FTB alerting you to an audit, the board has found a potential tax issue in your records. The next step will be to gather, evaluate, and document information to determine what the board believes is the correct tax amount with any applicable penalties and interest tacked on. The FTB will review your federal and state tax returns, audit history, income deductions, income exclusions, IRS data, and any public information that can be gathered during your audit. If you disagree with the FBT’s findings, it will be essential to submit a protest of the proposed assessment with the help of a San Francisco tax lawyer before the closure date to avoid having penalties and interest sealed in place.

California Employment Development Department (EDD) Audit Representation

Utilizing a tax attorney in San Francisco is essential if you’re facing an EDD audit because your compliance in regards to employment insurance, worker classification, and workers’ rights will be scrutinized. While the EDD will pay close attention to activity from the last 12 months, your audit will potentially extend to the full three-year statutory period. At Tax Group Center, we provide the expertise of a tax lawyer in San Francisco specializing in both audit preparedness and appeals.

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) Audit Representation

An EDD audit could be triggered if the CDTFA suspects that you’ve made incorrect employment tax payments or categorized employees as independent contractors. Typically, this type of audit is triggered when a contractor files for disability benefits. A San Francisco tax lawyer can help you to straighten out confusion regarding a worker’s proper employment classification and prepare all necessary documents for an audit situation.

International Tax Attorneys in San Francisco, California

If you need help with tax preparation or tax problems tied to international income or assets, you can utilize a tax lawyer in San Francisco. At Tax Group center, we specialize in helping both businesses and individuals navigate international tax laws. In addition to helping you stay protected against unnecessary tax exposure, we’ll work to resolve any disputes as quickly as possible.

San Francisco Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

If you’ve been accused of failing to pay or underpaying taxes, seeking a tax attorney in San Francisco is the first step to avoiding the very serious consequences of not filing or paying state taxes. While you have many tax relief solutions available, you won’t be eligible for something like an Installment Agreement (IA) until you get all unfiled returns from previous years filed.

IRS, FTB, EDD, and CDTFA (BOE) Audit and Appeals Representation in San Francisco

If you’re facing tax problems that have triggered an audit by any of California’s employment or taxing authorities, it’s time to seek the help of Tax Group Center’s team of payroll, employment, and business tax lawyers in San Francisco. Our experienced San Francisco tax lawyers and CPAs will work hard to help you avoid penalties and fines that could create problems for your business. When you work with our firm, you’ll get the benefit of working with a dual certified San Francisco tax attorney and CPA. A comprehensive background in both the legal and financial sides of state and federal tax codes is crucial for navigating the complex tax responsibilities in place when doing business in San Francisco, California. If you need a San Francisco tax attorney for anything ranging from tax preparation to audit defense, Tax Group Center is here to put 30 years of experience with both the IRS and state taxing authorities to work for you! Call today for a consultation with a tax lawyer in San Francisco.