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San Diego Tax Attorney and CPA

Bringing in a San Diego tax lawyer to assist with tax problems, tax relief solutions, unfiled returns or tax preparation is one of the best decisions you can make if the goal is to smartly manage tax exposure while avoiding the potential for problems like audits and penalties. If you’re already facing tax problems in California, Tax Group Center is here to provide the dedicated and specialized support of a dual tax attorney in San Diego with expertise in the areas of tax codes and law. With the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes in California being so severe, it’s important to have support in place for dealing with the IRS and local California taxing authorities.

IRS Audit Representation

If you’re facing an IRS audit, it’s essential to have a San Diego tax lawyer working on your behalf to create a solution. A lawyer can help you navigate the appeal process if you believe that an audit was wrongly initiated. If you end up owing the IRS or state money, a San Diego tax lawyer can help navigate tax relief solutions that can include an Installment Agreement (IA). First, let a tax lawyer in San Diego ensure that you’re current with all unfiled returns to make it possible for you to apply for IRS debt relief.

California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Audit Representation

If you’re seeking a San Diego tax lawyer because you’ve received a Notice of Proposed Assessment letter from the FTB, Tax Group Center can help. You should know that the FTB will be carefully reviewing all of your income and tax records as part of a comprehensive audit. You should also know that you’re entitled to submit a protest of the FTB’s proposed assessment prior to the appeals deadline on your letter.

California Employment Development Department (EDD) Audit Representation

Seeking the help of a tax attorney in San Diego can be crucial if you’re facing an EDD audit related to employment insurance or worker classification. The EDD will go back as far as three years when evaluating your compliance. During an audit, the EDD will be taking a look at payroll and accounting records. It’s important to have a San Diego tax attorney by your side as you deal with assessment findings and options for appeal.

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) Audit Representation

In California, the burden of reporting and paying state and district CDTFA fees falls on the seller. As a taxpayer, you have more than 30 different taxes and fees to administer. If you’re being accused of failing to submit what you owe, it’s important to bring in a tax lawyer in San Diego to help you make sense of your tax obligation and come up with a settlement option to avoid the hasher-than-usual CDTFA fees that range from 10 percent to 50 percent.

International Tax Attorneys in San Diego, California

If you need help managing your tax obligations from foreign income or assets, a tax lawyer in San Diego can help with the complicated tax preparation required. Far from a one-time task, managing complicated foreign tax issues requires an ongoing strategy. The benefit of hiring a dual certified San Diego tax attorney and CPA from Tax Group Center is that you’re getting support with both tax law and the financial aspects of managing your taxable income. This can help you to avoid state, federal, and international tax problems that have the potential to end in audits and expensive penalties.

IRS, FTB, EDD, and CDTFA (BOE) Audit and Appeals Representation in San Diego

If you’re looking for tax relief solutions because your returns have triggered an audit with one of California’s taxing agencies, Tax Group Center has a team of payroll, employment, and business tax lawyers in San Diego ready to help you manage tax relief solutions. California’s complicated tax code makes it easy to overlook district-specific tax obligations that you may be responsible for as an individual or business owner. Our team will work hard to help you get debt obligations settled or appealed as quickly as possible to avoid hefty California tax fines and penalties. If you have unfiled returns, let us help you get them on record to allow you to qualify for solutions like an Installment Agreement (AI). At Tax Group Center, our experienced San Diego tax lawyers and CPAs can help you to be prepared when an audit is triggered due to an underpayment, wrongly classified payment, or error. We’ve been helping clients deal with tax issues for 30 years. Call us today for a consultation.