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Phoenix Tax Attorney and CPA

If you’re seeking a tax lawyer in Phoenix, using a dual certified Phoenix tax attorney and CPA offers many benefits for managing your tax strategy. At Tax Group Center, we help clients deal with both IRS and state tax problems and tax preparation. Let us help you to stay in full compliance and avoid issues stemming from unfiled returns.

IRS Audit Representation

If the IRS has found an issue with your tax returns, it’s important to bring in a Phoenix tax attorney who can help with everything from appealing your audit to seeking tax relief solutions. If you have any unfiled returns, a tax attorney in Phoenix can help you to take care of the issue before applying for an Installment Agreement (IA) that will make it easier to pay what you owe the IRS. If you believe the IRS has made a mistake, it’s important to act quickly to avoid penalties and interest that could accumulate if you don’t take defensive action.

Arizona Employment Payroll Tax Audit Representation

If your business is being audited over worker classification, it’s critical that you seek the guidance of a Phoenix tax lawyer. During an audit, investigators may ask to inspect your payroll and tax records, review company policies, and interview your employees. Payroll audits are typically triggered when an employee makes a complaint or a worker who is classified as a contractor files for unemployment benefits.

Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) and Taxation Division Representation

During an audit, the ADOR will be reviewing your records to ensure that the correct tax amounts have been paid. The ADOR works with federal taxing authorities to get the most accurate information. If you disagree with an audit, it’s important to bring in a tax attorney in Phoenix to help you make that 90-day window for issuing a protest of the audit findings.

International Tax Attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona

At Tax Group Center, we assist with tax preparation for clients with international income streams and assets. What you may not realize is that the IRS uses sophisticated systems to track earnings in foreign countries. Unfortunately, failing to pay your complete tax obligation through evasion or negligence can result in serious legal issues. Bringing in a Phoenix tax attorney to come up with a plan for handling international taxes can help you stay in compliance while also limiting tax exposure.

Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

If you’ve been accused of failing to pay your full debt, it’s important to take action while tax relief options are still available. Tax evasion can lead to penalties like heavy fines and jail time when notices from the IRS are ignored. When you work with a tax lawyer in Phoenix, you’ll discover that both the IRS and state taxing agencies actually want to help you pay what you owe quickly without a long, expensive battle. In fact, an option like an Installment Agreement (IA) may be on the table if you currently owe late taxes. Getting unfiled taxes taken care of is often the only barrier to tax relief.

Full Audit and Appeals Representation in Phoenix

At Tax Group Center, we offer full-scale support from a team of payroll, employment, and business tax lawyers in Phoenix. Let us help you avoid the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes through our tax relief and tax preparation services. Our experienced Phoenix tax lawyers and CPAs have been helping clients manage both IRS and state taxes for 30 years. We’re interested in helping you find the easiest, fastest route to a tax resolution. Call Tax Group Center today for a consultation.