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If you reside or do business in San Jose, a San Jose tax lawyer can help you explore tax relief solutions and smarter tax preparation. California’s tax landscape can be difficult due to the many agencies that oversee audits. As a result, businesses can benefit from the expertise of dual-certified tax lawyers and CPAs.

IRS Audit Representation

The IRS conducts more than 1.1 million audits every year. While your return may be flagged due to suspicious activity, it’s also entirely possible to be randomly audited. Many audits are simple “desk” audits that are triggered by data entry errors or math mistakes. 

While these audits appear simple, it’s wise to bring in a San Jose tax lawyer to ensure everything is handled properly. There’s also the potential that the IRS will determine that you owe unpaid taxes. In this case, a tax attorney in San Jose can help you explore tax relief solutions ranging from an Installment Agreement (AI) to a debt settlement.

California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Audit Representation

The purpose of a California FTB audit is to review your tax return to verify the accuracy of your income and deductions. California audits are triggered using information from a number of sources, including the IRS. 

During an audit, you’ll be asked to provide documents that support what you’ve put on your tax return. When sharing documents with the IRS, it’s recommended that you work with a San Jose tax lawyer to protect your rights.

California Employment Development Department (EDD) Audit Representation

California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) conducts payroll tax audits of businesses operating in California to ensure that employers follow all legal requirements. The goal of an audit is to verify that workers are properly classified and paid. In California, there is a three-year statutory period for payroll audits. During an audit, you can expect to be asked for business records that will assist an auditor in verifying that wages have been properly reported with correct withholding.

California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) Audit Representation

If you engage in business in California, you’re required to register with the CDTFA. This is the agency that oversees all sales and use taxes in California. During an audit, you’ll be asked for verification that all applicable taxes have been paid. For merchants, the CDTFA will begin by verifying your resale certificate. If you’ve been notified that the CDTFA has questions about your tax compliance, it’s essential to work with a tax lawyer in San Jose to avoid the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes as a merchant.

International Tax Attorneys in San Jose, California

If the Golden State is your home base, you may have questions about how California tax laws impact your international tax obligations. This is where a dual-certified San Jose tax lawyer and CPA can help you create a comprehensive tax plan covering all foreign accounts and assets. If you have foreign income sources, it’s helpful to have a tax lawyer in San Jose handle your tax preparation because of how complex your liabilities and deductions can be.

San Jose Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

If it appears that the IRS or California taxing authorities are investigating you for evasion or fraud, your next step should be to call a tax attorney in San Jose. In many cases, both federal and state authorities will get involved if evasion is suspected. If you’re accused of serious tax offenses, consult with a tax lawyer in San Jose to explore all of your options for cooperating with taxing authorities.

IRS, FTB, EDD, and CDTFA (BOE) Audit and Appeals Representation in San Jose

All of the tax agencies in California offer appeals processes for taxpayers who disagree with the findings of audits and investigations. If you feel that an error has been made, explore your appeals options with a tax attorney in San Jose specializing in audits. While California’s taxing agencies provide avenues for appeal, the deadlines are often very narrow. That means you could be subject to penalties and interest if you don’t follow the instructions provided when you receive your audit results.

Payroll, Employment, and Business Tax Lawyers in San Jose

In many cases, taking care of unfiled returns with help from a San Jose tax attorney is the fastest way to settle a tax dispute in California. However, a more complex case may benefit from the expertise of experienced, dual-certified San Jose tax lawyers and CPAs. At Tax Group Center, our team of tax professionals can handle all aspects of tax planning, responding to audit notices, and appealing audit decisions. Call today for your consultation with a San Jose tax lawyer.