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San Antonio Tax Attorney and CPA

If you’re looking for tax representation or assistance in “Alamo City,” you’re in luck. A San Antonio tax attorney can assist you with everything from tax problems to tax preparation. When the IRS or state taxing authorities come calling, it’s important to make sure you have a tax lawyer in San Antonio ready to explain your rights to you. Working out a tax solution that allows you to avoid harsh penalties is often on the table if you take the right steps.

IRS Audit Representation

If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, a San Antonio tax attorney may be able to help you comply with or appeal it. If you’ve already been audited, a San Antonio tax lawyer can help you activate the appeal process if you disagree with the conclusion.

Texas Franchise Tax Audit Representation

The Texas Comptroller’s office is responsible for assessing, collecting, and managing franchise taxes in Texas. Audits are conducted for the purpose of deterring tax evasion, promoting taxpayer compliance, educating taxpayers, and ensuring that tax laws are fairly and correctly applied. While most audits are triggered when underpayment is suspected, it is possible for a Texas franchise tax audit to be caused by an overpayment.

Texas Employment Development Audit Representation

The Texas Workforce Commission audits businesses to ensure that employers are properly reporting employment wages. The agency also looks at tax records to ensure that appropriate taxes are being paid on wages earned. Generally, audits occur because employers have improperly labeled workers as employees or contractors. If you’ve been audited due to improper wage or tax payments, bring in a tax attorney in San Antonio to help you avoid penalties.

Texas Department of Tax and Fee Administration Audit Representation

If your payment of fees and taxes has been called into question by the Texas Comptroller’s office, turn to a San Antonio tax lawyer to help you determine a strategy for avoiding the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes. Generally, the first step is getting you up to date with any unfiled tax returns to open up possibilities for relief options, like an Installment Agreement (AI).

International Tax Attorneys in San Antonio, Texas

Texas residents or businesses with international businesses dealings, income, or assets stand to benefit from utilizing a tax lawyer in San Antonio. The right person will help you to make a streamlined plan for complying with all state, federal, and international reporting requirements for foreign income streams and assets. Additionally, working with a dual-certified lawyer and CPA can give you the benefit of fortifying your legal compliance while creating a tax strategy.

San Antonio Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

One of the worst things a person can do after being accused of criminal activity is to continue evading the IRS. Working with a tax attorney in San Antonio on a strategy for cooperating with the IRS can open up opportunities for settling your debt.

Tax Group Center Offers IRS and Other Audit and Appeals Representation in San Antonio

If you have tax questions for a San Antonio tax attorney, Tax Group Center is here to help you take a proactive approach to staying current and compliant with all state and federal tax obligations. Our team of dual-certified payroll, employment, and business tax lawyers and CPAs can help you determine the next step to protect your reputation and avoid penalties. In addition to audit representation, our firm also provides tax consulting for tax relief solutions and tax preparation. Tax problems can grow exponentially for every day that you don’t address the issue. Stop avoiding the IRS or Texas Comptroller’s office by bringing in Tax Group Center to advocate on your behalf.