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Portland, ORDo you need tax help in Portland? When tax problems pop up in the City of Roses, you have many avenues for seeking settlements, payment plans, and other tax relief solutions with help from a Portland tax lawyer. For almost all taxpayers, an Installment Agreement (IA) makes it possible to pay off an IRS or state tax bill over several years without incurring interest or penalties.

IRS Audit Representation

When facing an IRS audit, one of the first things to do is to get a tax attorney in Portland to help you respond to the IRS’s requests. There’s no need to speak with an auditor without a tax attorney in Portland providing guidance. The good news is that many IRS audits are quick “desk audits” that only require some clarification. With that said, the IRS may determine that you owe a substantial amount of money.

Oregon Employment Department Payroll Tax Audit

The common reason for an audit of your employment taxes is a wage discrepancy that is detected when a former worker files for unemployment benefits. An audit will often be conducted to verify why you classified this worker as a contractor instead of an employee. Additionally, all of your records regarding employee classification may be reviewed during the process.

Oregon Department of Revenue Tax Audit

In Oregon, the Department of Revenue handles tax audits for individuals and businesses. The state’s business tax comes in the form of a corporate excise tax that applies different rates for businesses making below and above $10 million. The intricacies of the state’s business taxes make hiring a tax attorney in Oregon essential for businesses that generate revenue in the state. If you are targeted for an audit, the auditor will request a wide variety of records related to business income, expenses, purchase receipts, bank statements, transportation logs, and more.

International Tax Attorneys in Portland, Oregon

If you possess income or assets from foreign sources as a resident or business owner in Oregon, it’s important to have a tax attorney in Oregon collaborating on your tax strategy. The complex reporting requirements for foreign assets often change from year to year. While ensuring that you’re fully compliant with all requirements, a Portland tax lawyer can also ensure that you’re streamlining your international obligations based on the latest tax laws.

Portland Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

Criminal charges, hefty fines, and jail time are all potential consequences of not paying or filing state taxes. In some cases, going back to take care of neglected tax preparation and unfiled returns can be enough to reach a settlement with the IRS before things get too far. However, it’s vital to bring in a tax attorney in Portland if you’re facing actual charges for an issue that cannot be resolved through negotiations.

Audit and Appeals Representation in Portland

In Oregon, taxpayers have a long list of rights when it comes to both audits and appeals. Make sure you’re complying with the IRS or Oregon Department of Revenue in a way that protects your best interests by bringing in a Portland tax attorney to oversee your audit. If you disagree with the findings of an audit, you may be able to prove that you do not owe the sum determined by filing an appeal.

Payroll, Employment, and Business Tax Lawyers in Portland

Tax Group Center offers experienced Portland tax lawyers and CPAs to help with state and federal tax problems in Oregon. Backed by 30 years of experience, our experts know how to negotiate with the IRS and state taxing authorities on behalf of our clients using tax relief and settlement options. The benefit of choosing our dual-certified CPAs and lawyers is that we look out for you from both the financial and legal sides of things. If you have a tax problem in Portland, contact Tax Group Center today for a consultation with a Portland tax attorney.

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