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In the City of Brotherly Love, nobody loves getting a notice from the IRS or Philadelphia Department of Revenue. However, anything from a simple clerical error on your taxes to unfiled returns can lead to serious tax problems. Having a Philadelphia tax lawyer on your side when tax troubles materialize is important for protecting your rights, getting a tax issue resolved promptly, and avoiding unnecessary fees and penalties.

IRS Audit Representation

While an IRS audit can seem intimidating, a Philadelphia tax lawyer may be able to help you get through the process quickly. For instance, a simple clerical error may be responsible for your audit. In this case, a Philadelphia tax attorney who knows how to communicate with the IRS may be all you need to get the issue cleared from your plate. 

If the situation is more involved, a tax attorney in Philadelphia can help you move through the audit. If an audit determines that you owe additional tax payments, your Philadelphia tax attorney can help you explore an Installment Agreement (AI) that allows you to pay your bill over time instead of incurring late fees and penalties.

Philadelphia Unemployment Compensation Law Audit Representation

Each year, thousands of employers in the state are subject to compliance audits. While some of these audits are random, others are triggered by reporting errors or suspicious activity. You may also be at risk for a random audit if your particular industry is known to have high rates of employment-related fraud. The length and intensity of an audit can vary based on the size of your business. Typically, businesses are required to provide clarifying documentation if there are any discrepancies regarding how independent contractors and employees are categorized. Refusing to provide records during an audit could subject you to penalties that total thousands of dollars per week. To protect your business, seek the help of a Philadelphia tax lawyer if you receive notice that you’re being audited for compliance with unemployment compensation laws.

Philadelphia Department of Revenue Audit Representation

If the Department of Revenue (DOR) selects you for an audit, records going back several years may be requested. If you fail to comply, your audit may be conducted using all available records. In some cases, the DOR will subpoena specific documents to assist with an audit. 

An audit may conclude with an additional tax bill for unpaid taxes. However, you may be issued a refund if it is determined that you overpaid. It’s also possible that no change will occur because it’s been determined that your taxes were filed properly. 

If you’ve received an audit notice, it’s important to bring in a Philadelphia tax attorney to help you understand your legal rights regarding things like the statute of limitations on unpaid taxes and unfiled returns.

International Tax Attorneys in Philadelphia

While you may live and work in Philadelphia, foreign property and assets could tie you to a number of federal and international tax laws. A tax attorney in Philadelphia can help you stay current with all of the complex and changing tax rules for international assets and accounts. The additional perk of working with a dual-certified Philadelphia tax lawyer and CPA is that you may be able to construct a better tax plan for simplifying your tax burden.

Philadelphia Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

As you may know, the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes can range from high fees to jail time. It doesn’t have to get to that point if you work with a tax attorney in Philadelphia to negotiate your case! In many cases, taxpayers suspected of fraudulent activity are under investigation by both the IRS and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. It doesn’t necessarily take being a mastermind to get on the radar of the IRS and DOR. Forgetting to include a portion of your income on a return is all it takes. Even uncommon deductions could get the attention of taxing authorities.

Audit and Appeals Representation in Philadelphia

If an audit didn’t go the way you expected, it’s not too late to correct the problem. A Philadelphia tax lawyer can help you file an appeal if you don’t agree with an auditor’s findings. Suppose you’ve already received an auditor’s decision. In that case, it’s critical to contact a tax lawyer in Philadelphia before the deadline on your audit report because you may be out of options if you don’t file your appeal on time. In addition to appeals, a tax lawyer in Philadelphia can help you apply for tax relief solutions that reduce or freeze tax payments.

Payroll, Employment, and Business Tax Lawyers in Philadelphia

At Tax Group Center, our team of experienced Philadelphia tax lawyers and CPAs can help with tax problems of all sizes. In many cases, working with a dual-certified Philadelphia tax attorney and CPA is the best route for addressing a complicated tax situation with your long-term financial solvency in mind. Let us help you develop a strategy that includes timely tax preparation for your personal or business taxes. Contact Tax Group Center to discuss your tax or audit questions.