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Miami Tax Attorney and CPA

Are you looking for a tax attorney in Miami, Florida, because some serious state or federal tax problems have popped up? As you may know, the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes can range from penalties and fees to jail time. Getting into full compliance by getting caught up with all late taxes, unpaid taxes, or unfiled returns is crucial for avoiding serious penalties.

IRS Audit Representation

A Miami tax attorney can help if you’ve received an audit notice from the IRS. The good news is that the IRS offers a wide variety of tax relief solutions that can help you pay your tax bill over time in small increments using an Installment Agreement (IA), Offer in Compromise, or some other type of forgiveness option. You can determine which relief option applies for your case before accumulating additional penalties and fees by sitting down with a tax attorney in Miami as soon as possible!

Florida Franchise Tax Audit Representation

The Florida Department of Revenue handles franchise taxes for Miami businesses. Once contacted, you will either undergo a desk or field audit. You’ll have 30 days to appeal the findings of your audit if you feel that they don’t accurately represent what you’ve paid in taxes. Both the audit and appeal should be handled with help from a Miami tax lawyer to ensure that your rights are being protected at every step.

Florida Employment Tax Audit Representation

The Florida Department of Revenue conducts audits on employment tax for Miami businesses. Almost all audits occur because an employee files for unemployment using a different classification than what has been reported by the employer. However, audits can also be triggered by everything from a randomized computer system to tips from former employees. Due to the complexity of employment taxes, it’s important to work with a tax attorney in Miami to be able to justify your classifications for employees.

Florida Department of Tax and Fee Administration Audit Representation

In Florida, the General Tax Administration Program of the Florida Department of Revenue oversees the dozens of taxes and fees that apply to businesses in Miami. An audit can be a very intense process. If you’ve been flagged, expect auditors to want to do a deep dive into your ledges, tax records, sales records, asset records, and more. A tax lawyer in Miami can help to ensure that you’re only providing information up to the point that the law requires.

International Tax Attorneys in Miami, Florida

It’s important to have a Miami tax lawyer looking at your books if you earn money in foreign countries through income, assets, trusts, or other means. The IRS uses sophisticated software to track income earned by United States citizens and residents. That means you could be at risk for a very complicated audit if you’re not handling your international tax reporting impeccably. What’s more, a dual-certified lawyer and CPA may be able to help you design a tax-friendly plan for managing foreign income and assets.

Miami Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

If the IRS is accusing you of fraud, it’s important to take action to avoid jail time or other serious penalties. Trying to avoid the IRS won’t work. However, working proactively with the support of a qualified Miami IRS or state tax attorney will enable you to devise a strategy to protect your rights!

Audit and Appeals Representation in Miami, Florida

You aren’t stuck paying what the IRS or Florida Department of Revenue claim you owe just because an audit is finished. This is where having consistent audit and appeals representation throughout the entire process can make a world of difference. The best way to avoid costly and time-consuming tax conflicts is to be consistent with getting tax preparation and filing done on time each year. However, having a team of payroll, employment, and business tax lawyers in Miami you can call on when a tax problem arises is also important! At Tax Group Center, our seasoned team of Miami tax lawyers and CPAs can help you with everything from simple tax relief solutions to complex legal issues stemming from unpaid taxes. Our dual-certified tax lawyers and CPAs can help with every angle of tax planning and defense.