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Manhattan Tax Attorney and CPA

If you have questions about anything from tax problems to tax relief solutions and you’re living in Manhattan, it’s time to get answers from a Manhattan tax attorney. The complex tax laws for New York make it essential for both business owners and ordinary taxpayers to have a tax attorney in Manhattan. When you’re facing an audit, every second matters if you want to avoid the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes in the Empire State.

IRS Audit Representation

If you’ve received a letter indicating that the IRS wants to take a look at your financials, it can go a few different ways. In some cases, you may need to comply with a “letter audit,” which involves providing some basic paperwork to clear up your details with the IRS. It’s even possible that a small error on a return sparked an audit. 

You may also face the possibility that the IRS will conduct an in-person audit of your records going back several years. A Manhattan tax lawyer can help you to comply with the IRS as much as you’re required without potentially doing more harm than good during the auditing process. Additionally, a tax lawyer in Manhattan can help you appeal audit findings if you think the IRS is wrong.

New York State Tax Department Audits

In Manhattan, the New York State Tax Department is responsible for conducting audits on both individuals and businesses. Audits can cover reviews of income, receipts, expenses, and many other business records. Here are the four potential outcomes if you’re audited in New York:

  • You will be charged additional taxes, penalties, and interest.
  • You will be denied a refund of credit claimed on taxes.
  • You will be refunded for overpayment.
  • No change will be made to your taxes.

If you’re anticipating an audit because you know you underpaid your taxes, New York offers something called the Voluntary Disclosure. This allows you to come forward without incurring penalties or criminal sanctions before an audit notice is sent to you. A Manhattan tax lawyer can help you take advantage of this option.

New York Department of Labor Audit Representation

The New York Department of Labor conducts audits to ensure that businesses are properly classifying employees, accurately reporting payments, and fulfilling all employment-tax obligations. New York is notorious for being more aggressive in the number of audits it conducts compared to other states. If you’ve been notified of an employment audit, it’s critical to have a tax lawyer in Manhattan on your side. If an audit stems from a random occurrence or false report, there’s a good chance you may walk away without owing anything. However, you may be asked to pay additional contributions.

New York Department of Taxation and Finance Audit Representation

The New York Department of Taxation and Finance makes it clear that anyone who is subject to an audit has the right to seek representation. In fact, taxpayers in New York have the right to stop an interview or meeting at any time to obtain the services of a tax attorney in New York. Seeking a tax lawyer in New York is especially important because the statute of limitations on taxes will not apply in cases where you failed to file a return, failed to report federal changes, or filed a false/fraudulent tax return to evade taxes.

International Tax Attorneys in Manhattan, New York

If you’re based in Manhattan and conduct any type of international business or money management, it’s essential to bring in a New York tax lawyer to ensure that you’re covering all of your obligations. This applies even if you don’t reside in New York on a full-time basis. In addition to ensuring that you’re in compliance with state and federal tax laws regarding any international profits or assets, a New York tax attorney can make sure you’re using the latest tax updates to reduce your tax burden across the board.

New York Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

New York is one of the tougher states when it comes to tax evasion. If you owe back taxes, an effort may be made to prove that your intentions were fraudulent. In some instances of tax fraud in Manhattan, there is a mandatory minimum of up to three years for offenders who are found guilty. In recent cases, people with unfiled taxes were sentenced to up to 42 months in prison. If you’re worried that your tax records put you at risk for an audit, then we can’t understate the importance of getting help from a tax attorney in Manhattan. They can take charge of your tax preparation, as well as help you explore your tax relief solutions, which may include Installment Agreements (IA) or filing for Currently Non-Collectible (CNC)

IRS and State Audit and Appeals Representation in Manhattan: Get Help From Payroll, Employment, and Business Tax Lawyers in New York

If you have a tax problem at the state or federal level, the experienced Manhattan tax lawyers and CPAs from Tax Group Center can help. The advantage of working with our team is that you’re getting access to dual-certified Manhattan tax attorneys and CPAs. We know what a tax issue looks like from every angle, so let us help you manage tax problems in Manhattan by collaborating with the IRS on relief and forgiveness solutions. Book a consultation to speak with a Manhattan tax lawyer today!