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Jacksonville Tax Attorney and CPA

It may be time to find a tax lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida, if you’re facing tax problems stemming from state or federal taxes. Being proactive about late or incomplete payments may help you to avoid some of the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes. In addition, strategic tax planning may help you to reduce your tax burden while staying in compliance with all tax obligations.

IRS Audit Representation

If you’ve received notice of an IRS audit, it’s time to get a Jacksonville tax attorney working on your side to help you protect your rights. In some cases, an IRS audit is triggered by a simple error on your tax return. It’s also possible that a bigger issue may require you to negotiate tax relief solutions with the IRS. Typically, this means paying what you owe over time using an Installment Agreement (IA). However, a tax attorney in Jacksonville can also help you to explore more expansive relief options for debt forgiveness.

Florida Franchise Tax Audit Representation

Florida’s franchise tax for businesses is handled through the Florida Department of Revenue. If you fail to make a full payment on what you owe, it’s likely that an audit will be triggered. Businesses are also selected at random each year. Following a “desk” or “field” audit, you will have 30 days to appeal the findings of the Florida Department of Revenue. It’s important to contact a Jacksonville tax lawyer right away if you’ve been selected for an audit to preserve your rights as a taxpayer and business owner during the audit period.

Florida Employment Tax Audit Representation

Audits regarding employment tax in Jacksonville are also conducted by the Florida Department of Revenue. Generally, an audit is triggered when an anomaly is detected that indicates that an employer has misclassified an employee. However, the state’s taxing body pulls from a number of different data sources to single out businesses for audits. Once your business has been singled out, it’s essential to have a tax attorney in Jacksonville working with you to ensure that you’re protecting your rights and best interests as you comply with the requests of auditors.

Florida Department of Tax and Fee Administration Audit Representation

The General Tax Administration Program of the Florida Department of Revenue oversees more than different 30 taxes and fees. Generally, audits are triggered based on information gathered from IRS records, information-sharing programs, analysis of state tax returns, and random selection. During your audit, auditors will ask for records that can include your general ledgers, sales journals, tax returns, property records, depreciation schedules, and more. Due to the complexity of this type of audit, it’s important to have a tax lawyer in Jacksonville working on your behalf.

International Tax Attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida

When doing business from the Sunshine State, it’s important to make sure you have a tight plan for international tax compliance. You may discover a smarter way to manage your international tax obligations once you sit down with a dual-certified Jacksonville tax lawyer and CPA. Many people underestimate the IRS’s potential to track income and assets earned in foreign jurisdictions using highly advanced reporting tools.

Jacksonville Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

There’s really no time to spare if you’re in the middle of a serious tax problem stemming from unpaid taxes, incomplete taxes, fraudulent returns or unfiled returns. Unfortunately, the IRS has a wealth of resources to pull from when trying to recover unpaid tax debts. If you’re being charged with tax evasion, harsh penalties like jail time could be on the table if you’re unable to work out a strategy that will allow you to clear your name, comply with the IRS, or have your charges reduced.

Audit and Appeals Representation in Jacksonville, Florida

In many cases, serious conflicts with the IRS or Florida Department of Revenue can be avoided with accurate, timely tax preparation. That’s precisely why you need to have payroll, employment, and business tax lawyers in Jacksonville working on your side. At Tax Group Center, we provide experienced Jacksonville tax lawyers and CPAs prepared to help you find tax relief solutions that will allow you to potentially avoid conflicts and penalties. The advantage of working with dual-certified tax professionals is that you get the benefits of smart tax planning and steadfast tax compliance! Reach out to Tax Group Center today for Florida tax support!