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Have you recently received a phone message from a representative with the United Collection Bureau? If so, you may owe a tax debt to the state of Indiana. If you owe taxes, then there’s also a chance that you can’t pay off your full balance right away.

So, what options does that leave you with? You could agree to an Indiana tax payment plan, which will help you avoid the consequences of avoiding or evading your tax bill. Doing so will stop any current collection efforts and help you take control of your finances. 

Are you interested in getting more details? Learn everything you need to know about Indiana tax debt relief right here.

Can You Make Payments on Indiana State Taxes?

When you can’t pay your tax bill in full, it’s natural to feel the urge to avoid the situation entirely. While that may be your initial response, it’s not what you should be doing. Instead, you need to consider your ability to pay over a period of time. If you have a stable job, then you should be able to speak with the IRS or Indiana Department of Revenue about a State of Indiana tax payment plan.

An Indiana income tax payment plan will allow you to make payments over a long period of time. For amounts of $100-$1,000, you’ll have up to a year. For payments above $5,000, you’ll have at least 36 months.

Can You Pay Indiana State Taxes in Installments?

One of the most common questions about taxes is whether you can pay them in installments. In Indiana, you can make payments in installments so long as you owe more than $100. If you owe $100 or less, then you must pay the full amount at one time. An Indiana state tax payment plan can get established if you owe any more than $100.

What Are the Conditions of the Indiana Tax Payment Plan?

State tax debt relief options are available in Indiana, but certain conditions need to be met if you hope to stay on good terms with your payment plan. Your responsibilities as a taxpayer include notifying the DOR if your address changes, contacting the department if you can’t make a payment, and keeping up with your plan.

Who’s Eligible for an Indiana Tax Payment Plan?

Are you unsure if you’re eligible to apply for an Indiana tax payment plan? So long as you owe taxes to Indiana state, you’re likely eligible. Individuals must owe at least $100, and businesses must owe more than $500. If you meet that very broad category, then you’re eligible to apply for an Indiana tax payment plan.

What Is the Process For Arranging a Tax Payment Plan in Indiana?

Have you made the decision to submit to an Indiana State tax payment plan? If so, then your next step is putting that plan into action! You can get started by using INTIME, which is Indiana’s taxpayer management system. First, you need to create an account. Be sure to have your tax warrant number or tax identification number with you as you go through the process. If you owe more than $100, then the DOR will help you establish a payment plan.

How Can Tax Group Center Help?

When you owe a minor tax debt, it’s not too difficult to take care of your bill. When you owe a substantial amount, though, you may need expert help from tax attorneys that you can trust. If you haven’t filed your taxes in a few years or you’ve already gotten hit with collection efforts, then it’s best to have a tax representative by your side.

The professionals at Tax Group Center include tax attorneys, CPAs, CTEC-certified tax consultants, and more. Together, we offer 24/7 support to Indiana residents who need help dealing with tax debts. We’ll help you get informed about your situation and options. Then, we’ll help empower you to make the best possible choice in your situation. If you need to set up a payment plan, then we can help with that, too!

Are You Ready to Set Up an Indiana Tax Payment Plan?

Setting up an Indiana tax payment plan is more beneficial than you might initially think. Not only will you feel relieved knowing you’re doing what you can to pay back your debt, but you’ll also feel more confident knowing that you don’t have collection agencies, tax levies, or government officials breathing down your neck.

Getting professional help with your taxes can feel intimidating, but our tax professionals will help you feel confident and secure. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help you take back control of your finances this year.