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 If you’re curious about your options for tax relief solutions, don’t let your tax problems pile up a mile high before seeking help from a Denver tax attorney. A tax attorney in Denver can assist with everything from very basic questions about tax preparation to defensive measures against accusations of tax fraud. Colorado can be an especially complicated place to navigate business audits because sales tax amounts and collection methods vary by municipality, so having someone in your corner is essential. 

IRS Audit Representation

An IRS audit can happen to anyone, but errors and inconsistencies on your tax return can place you at much higher risk for hearing from the IRS. While many audits turn out to be “desk” audits that only require you to submit some additional information for clarification, a notice from the IRS can potentially lead to a lengthy investigation. Ultimately, you could end up owing the IRS more money. A Denver tax lawyer should be by your side from the moment you receive your audit letter to ensure that you’re protecting your rights without getting stuck with fees and penalties.

Colorado Sales Tax Audits

Colorado’s status as a home-rule state for sales tax creates a complex situation for businesses. Over 70 different municipalities actually engage in self-collection of sales tax. In general, it’s necessary to use a Denver tax attorney to navigate your way through all of the exemptions that apply in varying degrees at the state, county, city, or district levels. Things can get even more complicated during an audit because you’ll be asked to supply records of sales tax returns, bills of lading, general business ledgers, sales journals, and past federal income tax returns.

International Tax Attorneys in Denver Colorado

If you own property or assets in a foreign country while making Colorado your base for your home or business, it’s crucial to have a Denver tax attorney help you create a cohesive tax plan that reduces tax liabilities in full compliance with all state and federal laws. What many people don’t realize is that the IRS employs a variety of tools to track foreign income tied to United States citizens. This includes foreign bank accounts and assets held overseas. A Denver tax lawyer can show you what the IRS sees. During the process, your tax attorney in Denver will help you fulfill complex tax obligations while satisfying all reporting obligations.

Denver Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

One of the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes is that the Colorado Department of Revenue could come after you with felony charges for tax evasion. In Colorado, willfully attempting to evade taxes and willfully failing to truthfully account for tax obligations can qualify for felony charges. If convicted in Colorado, you may face one to three years in prison with fines that can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you’re facing criminal tax charges in Colorado, it’s important to bring in a Denver tax attorney right away. Don’t let simple issues like unfiled returns get out of hand to cause very preventable tax problems.

Audit and Appeals Representation in Denver

If you’ve been told that you owe money to the IRS or Colorado Department of Revenue, you have 30 days from the date listed on your IRS letter to file an official appeal with your tax lawyer in Denver. If your appeal is denied, you can then move forward with your Denver tax attorney to pursue options like an Installment Agreement (IA) to pay down your debt.

Work With Experienced Payroll, Employment, and Business Tax Lawyers in Denver

Tax Group Center has a team of experienced tax lawyers and CPAs waiting to help you with tax preparation, audits, appeals, and more in Denver, Colorado. The benefit of working with our team of dual-certified tax attorneys and CPAs is that we cover your tax problem from all angles. We’ve been helping our clients reach agreements with the IRS and state tax departments for 30 years. Contact Tax Group Center today to get help from a Denver tax attorney!