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When operating a business in Texas, questions or audits from the IRS or state-level taxing bodies can pop up unexpectedly. That can mean lengthy audits and harsh penalties. Bringing in a Dallas tax attorney to consult on matters ranging from tax problems to tax preparation can help you to stay compliant with all federal and state tax obligations. 

IRS Audit Representation

If the IRS has notified you of an audit, contact a Dallas tax lawyer to strategize on your next step. In all cases, brushing off an audit is not an option! An attorney will help you determine the validity of an audit and work toward a solution that allows you to minimize or avoid penalties.

Texas Franchise Tax Audit Representation

The Texas Comptroller’s office handles assessments and collections for the state’s franchise taxes. An audit is typically triggered when the Comptroller’s office has evidence that you’ve failed to pay your full tax obligation. In some cases, an audit may be the result of an overpayment. It is important to respond to the Comptroller’s requests regardless of whether you believe the assessment is accurate.

Texas Employment Development Audit Representation

The Texas Workforce Commission manages wage compliance. There are actually several reasons why wage audits are triggered in Texas. Here are a few:

  • It is suspected that you’ve improperly labeled an employee as a contractor.
  • A Dallas company in your industry is caught mishandling wage reporting.
  • A former employee had an unemployment claim rejected.
  • A random audit is triggered.


A tax attorney in Dallas can help you take steps to protect your business. While compliance is crucial, the focus should also be on only providing records and information regarding your business up to the limit that the law requires.

Texas Department of Tax and Fee Administration Audit Representation

The Texas Comptroller’s office is responsible for the enforcement of more than 60 different taxes and fees within the state of Texas. If an audit is triggered, a Dallas tax lawyer can help you work out a strategy for avoiding the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes. In addition, a tax attorney in Dallas can help you stay in compliance with sales tax, business tax preparation, and other complex aspects of running a business in Texas.

International Tax Attorneys in Dallas, Texas

If you’re handling international dealings from your home or business in Texas, a local tax lawyer in Dallas can help ensure that you’re covered from a legal angle. As you may know, handling any sort of asset portfolio or income stream involving foreign countries subjects you to complicated reporting requirements. You may also have questions about how to best manage your assets or capital to legally and efficiently reduce tax liabilities. By working with a dual-certified lawyer and CPA, you can often streamline your international tax strategy.

Dallas Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

Are you being accused of tax evasion or criminal tax activity in Dallas? You have options. A tax attorney in Dallas may be able to help you go over your options regarding settlement possibilities, payment options, or statute of limitations. A path to solving the issue can begin by simply having a Dallas tax attorney contact the IRS on your behalf.

Tax Group Center Offers IRS and Other Audit and Appeals Representation in Dallas

Bring all of your questions regarding tax compliance, audits, tax relief solutions, and more to Tax Group Center. Our team of dual-certified tax attorneys and CPAs is backed by 30 years of experience speaking the language of the IRS on behalf of our clients. No tax scenario is too mundane or complex for our experienced, knowledgeable team of tax professionals. 

Addressing a lingering tax problem today may help you to avoid penalties, unlock options for an Installment Agreement (AI), optimize your tax standing, and allow you to get through an audit with flying colors. Call Tax Group Center today to connect with a tax lawyer in Dallas.