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When an unexpected tax bill comes due in the Arch City, you may have questions that only a Columbus tax attorney can handle. The big thing to know about dealing with an Ohio tax problem is that tax relief solutions won’t be available to you unless you take care of any unfiled returns that are lingering. 

Fortunately, a Columbus tax lawyer can help you get on the right track to comply with the IRS or Ohio tax officials.

IRS Audit Representation

If the IRS has alerted you to an audit, you should consult with a Columbus tax lawyer. In many cases, audits are merely “desk audits” that can be closed after you supply the information the IRS needs to confirm your income and deductions. However, an audit can quickly spiral into a situation where you’re told to pay back taxes, fees, and penalties. Bringing in a tax lawyer in Columbus is the simplest way to protect your rights during every interaction with an auditor.

Ohio Office of Payroll Audit Representation

Audits of employers are routinely conducted to verify that employees are properly classified in Ohio. During an audit, payroll records will be compared against what has been reported on taxes. The most common reason for an audit is that a former worker files for unemployment benefits using a status that’s different from what you’ve reported. It’s also possible that a payroll audit will be triggered at random. Additionally, industries that have high rates of payroll and employment fraud are often targeted by state auditors.

Ohio Department of Taxation Audit Representation

If you’ve received notice of a state-level tax audit, it’s essential to speak with a tax lawyer in Columbus. While this may seem like a small issue, state audits are often accompanied by IRS audits. In fact, Ohio’s Department of Taxation often uses IRS records to identify audit targets. Businesses in Ohio can be subject to sales/use tax audits, during which state auditors will review sales and payment records to verify that sales tax has been properly collected and remitted.

During an Ohio tax audit, the role of the taxpayer is to provide records. However, you do retain rights regarding some terms of the audit. This is where having a tax lawyer in Columbus guiding the process can be beneficial. Additionally, having a dual-certified Columbus tax attorney and CPA can be especially beneficial because Ohio law grants taxpayers the right to refuse to answer questions from auditors without first consulting tax professionals.

International Tax Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

It’s easy for tax problems to spring up if you’re trying to manage foreign assets and accounts while living in Columbus. Integrating your local and global tax strategies with help from a tax attorney in Columbus can help you to avoid legal consequences and penalties. In addition to focusing on international tax compliance, a tax strategy can lean toward reducing your overall tax liability with all factors considered.

Columbus Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

One of the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes is that charges can be brought up against you at both the state and federal levels. If your tax preparation has been inconsistent or inaccurate, you are vulnerable to fraud and evasion charges. While you absolutely want to work out an Installment Agreement (AI) with the IRS or Ohio Department of Taxation, you may need a tax lawyer in Columbus to help you defend your record against criminal charges.

Department of Taxation Audit and Appeals Representation in Columbus

Taxpayers are entitled to appeal the findings of tax audits that they believe are inaccurate or unfair. Your audit assessment may include a tax bill for unpaid or underpaid tax obligations with any interest and penalties applied. Once an audit assessment is delivered, the taxpayer has 60 days to appeal to the Board of Tax Appeals (BTA). If you don’t feel that you owe the sum that you see on your assessment, a Columbus tax attorney can help you through the process of filing your appeal.

Payroll, Employment, and Business Tax Lawyers in Columbus

If you’re looking for a tax attorney in Columbus to help you with a state or IRS tax audit, Tax Group Center is here to put our 30 years of experience to work for you. Our team of experienced Columbus tax lawyers and CPAs consists of dual-certified professionals capable of looking at your tax problem from legal and financial angles. Book your consultation today if you have questions for a Columbus tax lawyer after receiving a tax bill or audit notice.