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In the city that’s home to the Magnificent Mile, your tax problems can seem a mile long if you don’t take action quickly. That’s why having a tax attorney in Chicago is essential for exploring tax relief solutions for unpaid taxes and unfiled returns.

IRS Audit Representation

If you receive notice of an IRS audit, it’s essential that you contact a Chicago tax attorney right away to ensure that you’re complying with the IRS’s timelines and deadlines. A tax lawyer in Chicago can help you comply with all of the IRS’s requests while protecting your best interests. If the IRS determines that you owe unpaid taxes, you may be responsible for a tax bill that will subject you to liens and penalties. If necessary, a Chicago tax lawyer can help you negotiate an IRS Installment Agreement (IA).

Illinois Tax Audit Representation

If you’re looking to avoid the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes in Illinois, a tax lawyer in Chicago can help you respond to an audit notice. Penalties and interest could apply if you fail to pay your full total of owed taxes by the deadline. 

There are generally three outcomes to expect following an audit: 

  • The state auditor may determine that you owe unpaid taxes
  • In some cases, you may receive a refund for tax overpayment
  • There may be no change to your tax return because the audit finds that you’ve correctly filed your return

Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) Audit Representation

Your business may be audited if it is suspected that you’ve improperly categorized employees as contractors when they were really full-time employees. This commonly occurs when someone files for unemployment using a different employment status than what you’ve claimed on record. Additionally, your company may be selected for an IDES audit if a similar company is caught conducting employment tax fraud.  These audits may also be triggered at random.

Illinois Department of Sales and Use Tax Audit Representation

It’s possible that you could be the subject of an audit if you’re responsible for paying income, payroll, sales, or use tax in Illinois. During this type of audit, an auditor may request records going back several years. In addition to helping you through the audit, a Chicago tax lawyer can advise you on how to respond to an auditor’s findings in a way that allows your business to maintain operations.

International Tax Attorneys in Chicago

If you manage any type of international business dealings or foreign property, a tax attorney in Chicago specializing in international tax law is essential. The priority is always to ensure that you’re complying with all tax regulations for foreign assets. A secondary perk is that a Chicago tax attorney can also look at your books to confirm that you’re using the most beneficial tax strategy for your foreign assets and accounts.

Chicago Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

If you’re accused of evading state or federal taxes in Illinois, bring in a Chicago tax attorney before you make any statements. This is a serious accusation that could result in jail time if the proper resources are not accessed. Fraud charges can stem from failure to file taxes, failure to pay taxes owed, and fraudulent information on tax returns.

Audit and Appeals Representation in Chicago

Any notice from the IRS or Illinois Department of Revenue is reason enough to contact a Chicago tax lawyer. The reality is that it’s difficult to know just how serious a tax problem could be until an audit begins. In some cases, a tax lawyer in Chicago can amend the situation quickly by helping you correct a clerical error that has triggered a “phone audit.” In other cases, you will need to present extensive documentation chronicling your financial records. 

We want you to know that audit findings aren’t set in stone. If you believe that an auditor’s findings are erroneous, you’ll have a window to file an appeal with help from a tax attorney in Chicago.

Payroll, Employment, and Business Tax Lawyers in Chicago

Tax Group Center is here to help you navigate everything from complex audits to tax preparation. Backed by 30 years of experience, our firm gives you the benefit of our dual-certified tax lawyers and CPAs who can provide comprehensive support regarding both your legal and financial options. Our experienced Chicago tax lawyers and CPAs understand Illinois tax law from every angle. Call today to book your consultation if you have tax questions!