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Brooklyn Tax Attorney and CPA

In a city that never sleeps, you can bet that local tax authorities stay alert. Don’t allow tax questions to go unanswered if you’ve received a notice from the IRS or New York State Department of Taxation. A look at New York’s statute of limitations on back taxes should give you a good picture of how seriously taxing authorities in the Empire State take unpaid and unfiled taxes. While the IRS’s statute of limitations is 10 years, New York’s is 20 years. That means that the state has a full 20 years starting from the date a warrant could have been filed to use all resources possible to collect your tax debt.

There is no need to despair. A Brooklyn tax attorney can help you with everything from unfiled returns to serious tax problems. We want you to know that you have options for appealing an audit, seeking tax relief solutions, and protecting your rights.

IRS Audit Representation

If the IRS has sent you an audit notice, a Brooklyn tax lawyer can go over your options with you. While some audits are simply the results of human or technical error, others could turn into full-blown investigations of your finances. When working with a tax attorney in Brooklyn, you can focus on preparing for and weathering an audit. If you end up owing money as the result of an audit, a Brooklyn tax lawyer can help you explore options for an Installment Agreement (IA) or debt reduction.

New York Department of Finance and Taxation Audit Representation

Some factors that can trigger audits in New York include failing to file a return, failing to report income, failing to report sales, or claiming excessive credits during tax preparation. If your state taxes are audited, you can face everything from additional taxes owed to penalties. With that said, you may also receive a refund if an audit reveals you’ve overpaid. Your taxes may not even be changed at all if auditors determine that you filed correctly. A tax lawyer in Brooklyn can offer guidance for complying fully while protecting your own rights.

New York Employment Tax Audit Representation

New York is a notoriously tough state when it comes to tax audits regarding employment. If you’re audited, the state’s tax office wants to make sure you’re correctly handling tax payments and withholdings. These audits are sometimes random, but you may be the subject of an audit if a current or former employee files a complaint. You may even get on the radar of the Department of Finance and Taxation if a competitor in your area is found handling employment taxes incorrectly.

International Tax Attorneys in Brooklyn, New York

If you’re managing international income streams or assets, you may be wondering if you’re correctly complying with federal and state tax requirements. When you bring in a tax lawyer in Brooklyn, you can go over issues related to capital gains taxes on foreign properties, foreign tax credits, foreign trusts, foreign banking reports, and many other issues that you’re responsible for handling. A Brooklyn tax attorney can also assist you if you have questions about failing to pay taxes on international accounts.

Brooklyn Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

If you reside in New York, you’re probably familiar with the headlines about people being handed heavy sentences for the crime of tax evasion. In New York, tax fraud can be linked to business tax, income tax, employment tax, sales tax, property tax, and related taxes. If you’re being accused of intentionally avoiding your tax obligation, you have no time to lose: bring in a tax attorney in Brooklyn with a background in evasion charges to help. 

IRS and New York State Audit and Appeals Representation in Brooklyn

If you disagree with the findings of a federal or state audit, it’s important to respond with the guidance of a Brooklyn tax lawyer before your options for appealing run out. If you fail to appeal during the 30-day IRS window or 90-day New York window, all penalties for what you owe will be activated until your debt is paid or settled.

Payroll, Employment, and Business Tax Lawyers in Brooklyn

The consequences of not paying or filing state taxes in New York can range from expensive penalties to jail time. In most cases, it doesn’t have to get that far if you have a tax lawyer in Brooklyn who can offer you guidance.

When you work with Tax Group Center, you’re getting the benefits of dual-certified Brooklyn tax lawyers and CPAs with an understanding of both state and federal tax laws. That means that you’ll have a team working with you that can help with everything from basic tax preparation to full-scale audits. Book a consultation with Tax Group Center today if you have questions you’d like to ask a tax attorney in Brooklyn.