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Is It Time to Bring In an Austin Tax Attorney and CPA?

If you live in Texas and have unanswered questions about tax problems or tax preparation, a quick chat with a tax attorney in Austin can clear up a lot of confusion. More specifically, a dual-certified Austin tax lawyer and CPA can bring clarity to your tax situation because you’re addressing your strategy from both the legal and financial angles. If you’re looking for tax relief solutions that may help you to avoid the consequences of not filing or paying state taxes, it’s crucial to act quickly.

IRS Audit Representation

If you’ve received notice of an IRS audit, an Austin tax attorney can help you understand what the IRS is looking for in your returns. Legal representation is important because the goal is to comply with IRS requests without overexposing yourself to tax liabilities and penalties. An Austin tax lawyer can also assist if you feel that you’re justified in appealing the findings of an IRS tax audit.

Texas Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Audit Representation

In Texas, franchise-tax audits are conducted by the Audit Division of the Texas Comptroller’s office. If you’re selected for an audit, the Audit Division will seek to confirm your company’s tax compliance. Generally, an audit will cover records going back four years. While audits in Texas can be triggered at random, some common causes include leads submitted by the public, previous audits revealing unpaid taxes of $25,000 or more, information-sharing programs between agencies, and tax analysis.

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Audit Representation

A TWC audit reviews payroll records to identify potential misclassifications for workers and wages. As an employer in Texas, you’re required to keep employment and payroll records that are subject to inspection by the Texas Workforce Commission. During an audit, records like time cards, canceled checks, IRS forms, quarterly tax reports, chart of accounts, petty cash, federal tax returns, and more can be reviewed.

International Tax Attorneys in Austin, Texas

If you’re handling international affairs from the Lone Star State, you need to stay on top of international tax compliance. With help from a tax attorney in Austin, you can develop a plan for reporting on foreign bank and financial accounts. Additionally, there are benefits to sitting down with an Austin tax lawyer to cover foreign trust ownership, foreign gifts, foreign inheritances, offshore disclosures, and international tax planning.

Austin Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys Handling Tax Evasion Charges

If you’re at the point where serious tax problems have you facing criminal charges, getting a tax lawyer in Austin working on your side is crucial. You need to treat these charges with care, even if you’re confident that the facts are on your side. If you suspect that you’re under investigation for tax evasion, the time to consult with a tax attorney in Austin is now!

Tax Audit and Appeals Representation in Austin

Being audited in Texas can be disorienting for individual taxpayers and businesses. It can feel like the IRS or state auditing body has all the control in the situation because they understand the laws and procedures. When you work with a tax lawyer in Austin, you can focus on complying with all of the legal requirements that will protect you from penalties and charges without giving up your rights.

Payroll, Employment, and Business Tax Lawyers in Austin

At Tax Group Center, we have a team of experienced tax lawyers and CPAs ready to help you take care of a tax problem while protecting your best interests. In many cases, taking care of a daunting tax problem can be as simple as requesting an Installment Agreement (AI) or getting up to date with unfiled returns. For situations that aren’t quite so simple, Tax Group Center can provide you with legal representation to help you strategize your way through an audit or criminal tax charge. Our team speaks the language of the IRS on your behalf, so explore your tax relief solutions from a legal and financial angle by bringing in a dual-certified Austin tax attorney and CPA from Tax Group Center! Book your consultation today.