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  • These Guys were Great. The Tax Group Center provided professional and efficient service. They were courteous, listened to my situation and provided several options of how to deal with my particular tax issue. They explained everything in detail and let me know that I would not be on my own while dealing with the IRS. Ani went above and beyond in helping me to receive a settlement offer with the IRS. I will tell any and everyone I know about Tax Group Center. Thanks for all the hard work. 

  • My experience with Tax Group Center inc. I was in financial trouble with the IRS a couple of years ago. I owed easily over $10,000 and didn't know where to turn for help. Then I surfed the web and found Tax Group Center, Inc. It was a lengthy process but it was well worth it because they worked hard to get a serious reduction in my offer of compromise. Now, I won my case and I only owe $1,411 and what a relief it was when they gave me that outstanding news. Definitely go with Tax Group Center for any problems with the IRS. They'll set out and do the job they say they will.

  • Great Company. I would like to thank the staff for putting up with my consistent rambling on about the government. Tax Group Center was very helpful and had lots of patience. I save a total of $8475.00. The process did take a long time. (Almost 2 1/2 years)But the was

    no fault to Tax Group Center it was the delay from the NY state government. Thanks again to Tax Group Center for all your hard work. 

  • Tax Group Center is Amazing! Tax Group Center did a great job on resolving my debt with the IRS. I owed the IRS over 13,000 dollars and when they completed my case I only owed 1,740.00. The Attorney Stacey Brandon that helped me was very professional and she always kept me up to dateon what was happening with my case. Thank you Stacey and Tax Group Center for helping me become debt free. If you need help, Choose Tax Group Center... 

  • Thank You Tax Group Center. My name is Ralph Woods and as a courtesy to Tax Group Center, Rachel Green, Shawna Kiesbuy,EA and my Attorney Kathy Lee, ESQ.; I would like to express in this statement my absolute gratitude for diligence, aggressiveness and vigilance to successfully resolve

    my tax debt in the amount of $11,059.08 for tax years 2005,2006, also 2008 with the I.R.S. Within three years as of 12/1/2012, my hardship, my OIC, and also my addendum to completion was accepted for only $100.00. Tax Group Center you have my deepest gratitude.

    Thank you again. 

  • Great Company!! I would like to start by sending a big thank you to Ms. Ani Labayan for all the hard work she put in to get me great results on my case. I was struggling to figure out how I was ever going to handle the debt I had with the IRS. I contacted a lot of companies,

    and luckily I found Tax Group Center. I owed the IRS over $33,000 dollars. Today I am completely debt free with the IRS. Ani was able to get me an offer and compromise which I only had to pay $100. Tax Group saved me a total of $33,710 dollars. If you are

    looking to hire someone for help I would stop looking and hire Tax Group Center. 

  • Thank you!!My case took a while but well worth the wait. I saved over $13,000 dollars. Tax Group Center was very helpful and accommodating.Thank you Tax Group Center... 

  • Nothing short of a Miracle and that's the truth. If you expect to get in the game with the IRS and US Government and you think you’re going to play alone….you’re sadly mistaken. These people play hardball and you don’t have a prayer without proper representation…..I am extremely happy that I was introduced to Tax Group Center and Ms Ani Layaban!!! There was no B.S. with them and they explained the whole program without any sugar-coated promises. Rich was also an extremely professional gentleman who took the extra time in helping me to be able write this review as I am not very good on computers. He also showed me that Tax Group continues to care for their clients even after everthing was done. Thank you Tax Group for everything. I will tell family and friends about your company.

  • The Tax Group Center did an amazing job handling my tax situation. With the knowledge and experience of Ani, Jennifer, and every dedicated professional on the tax group team, they make up an outstanding organization which produces results. As you are reading this review and searching for a trusted tax advisor, pick up the phone and allow this tax group the opportunity to utilize their tax expertise. The only regret you will have is that you did not contact them sooner. I highly recommended their phenomenal tax service to anybody in need.

  • Thank You. This FIRM has done a wonderful job for myself and husband. We have referred several family members as well as friends. This firm is a life saver to us. Thank you so much. I give this firm 5 stars.


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