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  • Great Experience. I had looked into getting some info about taxes that I owe and was approached by a representative, Chris Gummison, he was very helpful and gave me alot of useful suggestions/info......I would definitely refer others to Tax Grp Center...Thanks

  • Excellent Service. The people at the Tax Group Center were amazing to work with! They helped me when I was down on my luck and owed the IRS at a reasonable price. Loren and his associate were fantastic to work with and kept me informed throughout the entire time. I have recommended them to family and friends and would recommend them to anyone.

  • IRS Taxes. I am writing this review to let other people know just how professional and caring this company was with the tax problem my son had. The consultant Chris Gummerson, was very helpful and explained things so that my son and I could understand what he was going to do. Shenna Garrett was just as good. I would reccomend this group to anyone who has a Tax issue.

  • 5 Stars. This company is a 5 Star rated company!!!

  • Tax Group Center helped me out of sure starvation. These guys really helped me from starving to death after working with the IRS and the State after I got levied and was not receiving any income . I am an independent Contractor and got behind on my Taxes after the economy plummeted and had my income completely stopped when I got levied . The Tax Group Center with Ann and Rafael on board saved me and got a good settlement with the IRS. I highly recommend them as they worked hard to get me a great settlement.

  • Outstanding Highly Commendable Service. My review is based on the outstanding service I was provided by the Tax group Center staff and the final results I got with my IRS tax situation. I owed over 20k and with the help from L. Berfield, Kathy Lee and staff I was amazed at what they accomplished for me with the IRS. I highly recommend their services to anyone as they are very professional and keep you informed of what your status is during the whole process.I am very grateful for their assistance, thanking them all.

  • Hugh tax ball and chain. My name is Jim Reaves, I owe the IRS $50 to$60.000 & the state $7000 when I hire the tax group they went too work right away. With in a year they had my case settle with IRS just $100.00 & state $100.00. I would refer them to anybody that needs relief. I'm very very satisfied with the out come levys all gone and don't have to keep looking over my shoulders. The ball and chain is gone my attorney name was Stacy Brandon she did a very outstanding job!!! THANK YOU TAX GROUP 5 STARS

  • 100% satisfied. I would recommend the Tax Group to anyone needing help with past due taxes. They did what they said they would do and another good feature was an easy payment plan that was the best of at least 5 others that I inquired about.

  • In debt with the IRS. Tax Group Center really helped with my problems with the IRS. Real professionals

  • Review of service received. When first contacted by the Tax Group Center, I was unsure if this was legitimate. I did a "google search" to find out if this was a legitimate offer. I was impressed by the personnel with whom I had contact. Ultimately, Kathy Lee was the attorney who assisted me in the offer of compromise to the IRS. She was successful in obtaining the settlement we had agreed upon and I am so relieved to say my debt is paid and I am now free of this burden. Tax Group Center was professional, courteous and understanding of my situation. I am grateful to have utilized their expertise and to have settled this tax matter in 2012.


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