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  • Satisfied Customer. I was very pleased with the Tax Group Center. They did not stop at just a payment arrangement but to reduce my tax debt down to 5% of the original debt. I was very pleased with Ms. Ani Labayan, an erolled agent. Her diligence and hard work made it possible. I would gladly without hesitation recommend this service to others. Thank you tax group center for all you have done. Thumbs up to all of you there at tax group center sincerely, Steven Holliday.

  • You don't have to fight the IRS alone! Last year my boyfriend had been out of work for months. I am disabled, battling government for Social Security Disability. We were behind in bills with disconnection notices. We were about to lose our home. Just when we thought things couldn't get worse... IRS sent my boyfriend notice they plan on putting him in jail for tax evasion. We were in big trouble and needed help desperately! After many prayers, searching the yellow pages, and checking online we found The Tax Group Center. They answered all our questions and treated us with respect. The Tax Group helped file income tax forms, keeping my boyfriend out of jail. (PEOPLE: Stay out of jail... File!!!!! Even if you don't have the money yet!) Not only did The Tax Group handle the filings they took over the daunting dealings with the IRS. After several months of negotiations a deal was struck. My boyfriend only had to pay $100 of the over $20,000 the IRS had originally demanded. Thanks to the team at The Tax Group Center! We are grateful for Mike, Ani, and Rich. Even though we were strangers hundreds of miles away they treated us like friendly neighbors. The Tax Group exceed our expectations in every way! We highly recommend them!!!

  • Could not be more satisfied. Thanks. Tax Group Center was extremely professional and patient wit me through the entire process. From the initial call to the final arrangement with the IRS. Dealing with taxes can be a daunting and scary task. They made it easy to understand and put my mind at ease. Thank you Tax Group Center. Their final solution did exceed my expectations and I do plan to use the Tax Group Center for all my future tax issues and would also recommend the Tax Group Center to anyone or any business who may be facing tax problems large or small.

  • Tax Group Center did an awesome job! I contacted the Tax Group Center and they went out of their way to insure that my IRS liability was handled. They dealt with the IRS and I did not have to personally do so. Iani went out of her way to insure that I receive the best results possible, her communication with me was excellent! Rich was such a great communicator and help! Thank you Tax Group Center!

  • This company is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!! This business really helped me out! Ani and Jake made my life 100% better! They were quick and sufficient in this matter! They deserve an a rating!!!!!

  • Life Savers. I cannot put into words properly how thankful we are. They spent over an hour with us during our consultation. We were so impressed that my wife and I decided to sign immediately. They had our wage garnishments resolved and stop with days of calling!! And, once everything was done the Tax Group Center was able to reduce our liability tremendously. Awesome and caring people!!!

  • I.R.S. Approval. This brief note is to thank Tax Group for the great help that was extended to me and my family to bring the I.R.S.Taxes to a close Stacey Brandon was the driving force to get a quick decision from the I.R.S. Thanks again to all involved. Kenneth Thomas

  • GREAT JOB!!! Tax Group was able to release my wage garnishment,within days, This is a GREAT company,If You have any tax issues , Please give this company a call!!!!!

  • ANI LABAYAN AND THE TAX GROUP ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! Thank the tax group for the great professional job of solving the problems I had with the IRS taxes ! I want to thank especially ANI LABAYAN for always returning my calls and handling everything with personal and professional care I CANT SAY IT ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ! REGARDS BILL

  • Awsome People The Best!!! Excellent service and follow through. Very thoughtful staff and they will keep you updated with what is going on, and any situations that come up were handled immediatley. They were able to do what I thought could never be done. Thank you Tax Group


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