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  • Good service and great results. I hired these attorneys to represent me with the IRS and I am very pleased with the results. I still have to pay on the back taxes but it was a lot less than I had thought possible. They also managed to get rid of the mirrored account that the IRS could not seem to find but kept charging me for and they are setting up a reasonable payment plan for me. They stopped the garnishments and gave me some peace after 6 years of garnishments, collections and grief that was caused by tax debt. I am disabled and could not jump through the hoops to take care of this myself and I am very pleased with the honest and hardworking staff of this company. Thank you Tax Group Center for all that you did to make this nightmare go away!

  • Thank you for your excellent service! For many years I have been very stressful about the taxes I owed to the IRS. I thought if I did not pay a few thousand dollars I owed back in 2005, that the IRS would just ignore me. How wrong I was. Three years ago, I got a letter from the IRS and they told me that I owe the IRS over $7000. My jaw just dropped. I was unemployed and had only a $1,500 left from my savings. I tried to file for Offer in Compromise on my own, but I got a rejection back from the IRS and more penalties were added to the huge amount I already owed. So, I finally decided to get the UTC/Tax Group Center to help me. It was the best decision I ever made in my life. I could not be more happier with the results I received from the Tax Group Center. My case was more difficult than most cases, but the wonderful staff at The Tax Group Center stood by my side for over a year and got the IRS to reduce the amount I owed down to only 25%. The best thing was...I only had to pay the initial fee and nothing more for all the time they had to work on my case. Because of their dedication and hard work, I now have a chance to start fresh and to get my life together. Thank you Sheena and all her professional colleagues at The Tax Group Center. I would recommend this company to anyone at a heartbeat.

  • Wonderful company. The people at Tax Group Center and Rachelle my representative were great to work with. They answered all my questions and took care of my IRS debt which was well over $14,000 and settled it for under $100. I cannot say enough great things about this company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

  • So glad I found you. To whom it may concern: I was buried in tax debt for three years. A tax lean was placed on my house, I could not take it anymore. I saw the Tax Group on TV and decided to call. That call changed all my problems into none. All I had to do was to let them act on my behalf and they did what I thought was not possible. I now have no tax debt my house has no lean on it and I feel free. I have and will tell all my friends and co-workers. I totally recommend the Tax Group to any and everyone. You will not be disappointed. I owed the IRS over$13,000 and with the help of the Tax Group I only had to pay $80.00 Thank You, Michael K. Nicholson

  • Great Results. I am extremely pleased with the service and the results I received using the Tax Group Center. Because of the dedication of Ani my representative, and the others at the Tax Group Center, my debt and problems with the IRS were resolved timely and to my satisfaction. I would very highly recommend this company to anyone having tax problems with the IRS. Thanks for all your help!!! CMB.

  • The Tax Group. I went to the Tax Group in order to finish my tax problem I had a few different people try to complete my issues with the IRS but really all they did was push paper around and keep my guessing on my next move. The Tax Group really went to work straightaway and got ne a deal I could afford and made the whole thing a understandable process that I could live with . Long story short I was very happy with everything that they did and would use them again .( never want to owe again )I rate them 5* . J.Tax payer

  • Tax Group Center. Tax Group Center did exactly what they said they would do. I was under extreme stress from the threats and harassment by the IRS over taxes they said I owed. I did not feel that I owed the IRS anything as they had already levied my social security for over 100$ per month out of a total check of less than 700$ a month. I am over seventy five years old and had paid taxes all my life until I retired and when I went on Social Security thought that I did not receive enough of an income to owe any tax. Tax Group center was able to get the IRS to quit harassing me and to eventually settle for considerably less than what they were trying to get. It took some time but Tax Group Center was able to relieve my stress and to get back some sense of normalcy in my life. I hope never to have another encounter with the IRS but if I should, I know who to turn to.

  • Great Job Tax Group. Hi my name is Kimball Davis I was behind in my taxes and I called the Tax Group for help. These are some of the greatest people that you will ever meet nice and willing to help with everything. I would send anyone that needs help to them. Thank you very much.

  • Back taxes. I owed $27000. in back taxes due to loss of job and cancer, Ms. Ani Labayan and the tax group were awesome. They were able to get it down to $1000 which removed the lean from my house. I have recommended them to a friend and will again. Thanks again tax team, Randy

  • Tax Group Center. I employed the TAX Group to help me overcome a horrific debt. I would not have overcome this debt, in a lifetime, if not for the efforts of this group of people. I struggled through the process with fears of a poor outcome. They gave me the necessary reassurance and always treated me with respect. I want to thank Ani again for helping turn my life around. Your efforts have saved me from many years of painful worry. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. MIchael.


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