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  • Excellent Service, Great Tax Firm. I wanted to thank all the staff at Tax Group Center. They stopped my levy and reduced my taxes. I am so thrilled to have hired this firm. I want to make a separate thank you to my representative Jonathan Budge. Without his help and experience I don't think it would of happened. If you call them ask for Jonathan Budge, he is the one I would recommend. Anyways great Firm, Good Price and Saved me Alot of Money.. Thank You Again!

  • Service review. I had outstanding service from this company,and have already referred them to friends and family. My personal attorney handling my case was Ani Labayan,and she was outstanding! Overall,this company more then met my hopes for a resolution to my issues,and i give them my heartfelt thanks for all they did for me. Brian R. Byers

  • IRS PROBLEMS CONTACT TAX GROUP CENTER!!!! A BIG KUDDOS to Rich B. and team especially Ms.Makenzie for stopping my husband wage garnishment. I knew this issue should have been resolved a loooong time ago; however, your team made it possible for us within hours. I feel we owe you guys much more than an awesome review. My family resides in Dallas, Texas and through modern technology TAX GROUP were able to processed our IRS inquiries expeditiously. From the bottom of our hearts with sincere gratefulness THANK YOU TEAM, my family and I resting a little bit better at night!!!! Thanks, TAX GROUP FAMILY!!! FROM THE HICKS-HAZLEY FAMILY

  • Review of Rich. I received a phone call from my HR department on a Friday stating for me to call them. I called them back Friday afternoon and Tina Jackson of the HR department informed me of what the irs had sent her regarding garnishing my wages starting that next week. I hit the panic button i got on the phone called the tax group and got connected to Rich B. I told him my situation he then faxed me some paperwork that Friday evening and i faxed my paperwork back to him. I was so stressed that weekend because i didnt want my wages garnished. I was in communication with Rich the whole time and he always answered my calls. In the end Rich assured me that everything would work out with my job getting the release form from the irs so my wages would not be garnished. Well Rich was a man of his word everything worked out perfect i can sleep peacefully at night and thank God i was not garnished. Rich worked very very hard in a span of 3 days to get this release done and once again im very gratefull. Thank you so very much.

  • Definitely a FIVE STAR company!!! I cannot say enough for, or praise the Tax Group Center enough for all the dedication, customer service and general help they gave me. I was in deep - over 5 years worth of tax debt, both state and IRS. They got a levy which froze my bank account lifted. They went to bat for me with the IRS and successfully negotiated an "offer in compromise" which completely removed the liens against me for a very reasonable payment. I am no longer in debt to the IRS and know for sure it was all because of the TAX GROUP! It's first rate work - customer oriented service. I felt they really heard me and worked diligently to get my accounts in order. It was definitely worth it! I very much suggest that if you want to win - you choose TAX GROUP CENTER... I give them a five out of five star rating and am very grateful for the help.

  • From Over $900K to ONLY $100! Who Can Beat That? Ok, when the economy hits hard, then you get slapped with a tax bill of almost One million dollars of money you couldn't possibly owe or couldn't pay even if you owed it....You fight in courts and everyone - the judge and the IRS counsel inclusive, tell you they "know" you couldn't possibly owe the amount but that is not what you're in court for... then you know you're "done for"...in seriously big trouble and there's nowhere to turn that will not cost you even more funds that you don't have! This was my story and my fight for about 3 years. I met Tax Group when I was truly down and out... I couldn't even afford their "very reasonable" fees (compared to many others). Then, just as if the "bad and horrible" had hit the bottom with such force that it had to bounce up with such incredible velocity....The good things started... First they worked with me on payments. Then they started work on my case BEFORE my first scheduled payment! Then they worked with me further on the payments. They communicated often and NEVER stopped working on my behalf. They guided me through the OIC process and quickly as I could handle. Then the BEST.... OIC was accepted for a payment of ONLY $100!!!!! I think I must have cried even more than I ever did! I have heard of people getting pennies on the dollar, I prayed for something much more ridiculous. My result? A perfect example - Who can beat that? Great miracle.... Tax group? A blessing of a company! My prayer & hope is that many others finding themselves in the kind of situation I was in or worse, will find this kind of help. Tax Group rating? - Definitely - 5 STARS!!!!

  • Did A Great Job. The people at Tax Group were very helpful to me in everyway. If I had a problem all I had to do was call and they would take of it. I would totally recommend them to anyone.

  • Not What I Expected. I received a call from what I thought was a company that was trying to get $ out of me because of my tax situation like a number of other companies did. I spoke with a Rich who assured me that the Tax Group Center was interested only in giving me my tax IRS rights and letting me know if they would be able to help. I was leary to say the least. But after about 5 minutes I realized this guy was for real. Once he told me there was nothing they could do because I could not afford to pay for help he actually told me what to do and how to do it for myself. I called the IRS myself like Rich suggested and after about an hour was able to get my liability put on hold because of my financial situation. I've never heard of a company like the Tax Group Center but can tell this, they really do have your best interest in mind. Thank you Tax Group for employing individuals like you do and for help those of use that really do need help

  • Honest Company TO DEAL WITH. I recieved a call from Tax Group Center And spoke to a gentelman who gave me an honest assessment of my tax liability.With out trying to get money out of me,I would reccomend this business to anyone with a tax issue.Thanks Tax Group Center and Rich.

  • Great Company. I want to thank Jonathan Budge for all his help so far with our tax case. We are almost finished with it. He has made it very comfortable for both me and my husband. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to be treated fairly and not be misled.


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