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Tax Group Center is a tax services company comprised of tax and financial professionals.  Making up the tax team at the Tax Group Center are Tax Attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and CTEC Certified Tax Consultants.

At the Tax Group Center, we specialize in providing affordable solutions to both businesses and individual taxpayers who find themselves in trouble with the IRS and/or State Taxing Authorities.  Our tax professionals have years of experience focused on the tax resolution industry.  And, in an effort to maintain the highest standard of excellence, Tax Group Center mandates that all its tax consultants complete the CTEC certification prior to offering tax consultations to our clients. 

Stacy Brandon
Tax Attorney

I have been in the tax industry since 2005.  During this time I have seen so many people, from all walks of life, suffering through the distress and pain of owing back taxes.  Everyone makes mistakes and everyone goes through hard times, but the most important thing to learn is that you have to try and put the past behind you and move forward with your life.  And, that’s exactly what the Tax Group Center does.  We help taxpayers --- good and honest and regular people, who for whatever reason, end up owing back taxes they can’t afford to pay.  We help these people resolve their tax problems with the IRS or state and then give them the tools to become compliant taxpayers in the future.  It’s been a pleasure for me to work as part of the Tax Group Center team, where I can help clients get past their IRS problems and get on with their lives.


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